KR Region

Hayami Kanade released in KR Region

Published Monday, 29 November 2021

Hayami Kanade is the latest Battle Pass employee in the KR region. She's a Soldier Striker that specializes in fighting on the frontline and getting stronger with each evaded attack.

Hayami Kanade is the newest Soldier Striker. Judging by her kit, she seems like an evade-based offtank that also can deal quite a lot of damage. Her kit looks decent, but her usefulness depends on her stats.

Once the patch hits the KR server tomorrow, we will add her to the employees and provide first-look info on her.

Hayami Kanade

Type: Soldier

Role: Striker

Deployment cost: 4

Attack type: Ground

Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Uses her sword to attack the closest target, dealing AOE Damage.

Passive - Fox Rain Stampede

After evading enemy attacks 10 times, jump into the air and deal AOE damage to nearby enemies. During the attack, become immune to hitstun and the employee is considered an Air unit.

At level 5, gain 20% Ground DMG Res when in air.

Special - Gear: Kamaitachi - 24 seconds cooldown

Throw a giant Shuriken that after flying a certain distance, returns to her. The Shuriken deals more damage when it's flying back to her. Damaged enemies receive 50% less healing for 8 seconds.

At level 5, when the Shuriken flies back, it deals True Damage instead.

Ultimate - Tactics: Piercing Weakness - passive

After evading enemy attacks 16 times, increase CRIT by 500 for 6 seconds.

At level 5, the activation condition changed to 12 evades. Gains 20% CRIT DMG.

Here's her design:

And her chibi: