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Global patch notes for 09.06

Published Wednesday, 08 June 2022

This week's patch notes were released a day earlier and as the roadmap already spoiled it, we're getting Sigma!

Considering that the last week the site went down during the maintenance, I will talk about all the changes and new things coming in this patch.

New Event - Left Behind Alone

This is an event that tells us the backstory of Sigma, one of the most liked employees in both SEA and KR regions. You will find more info about her below in a different section.

The event comes with its own story, currency, and shop. This is how the shop looked like back in KR, but this is quite an old event - so it might look the same, or be updated:

The event will last for two weeks, starting tomorrow.

New missions - Ship Construction Project Mission

The missions won't be challenging and you will complete most of them simply by doing things you do daily, and they will reward you with a lot of ship materials that will make it easier to craft Enterprise or another ship if you already managed to get it.

New employee - Sigma

Here is Sigma review, taken from her profile:

Sigma is among the best Mech employees in the game. Her passive aids against role disadvantage and boosts role advantage, and on top of that she has a pretty strong battery over time. If that wasn't enough, she also summons a Daddy GAP defender that can stall for a bit of time. This makes her a must-have in some PVE content such as raids. However, because her battery is spread over both her skill and ult, this makes her rather gear hungry, and she will be refunding resources very slowly without a good CDR set.

In PVP, she's great for camping and can force a reaction out of the opponent. However, her kit is extremely hampered by Awakened Na Yubin in three aspects: she's a tower, she shields herself, and she is skill haste reliant. She still remains usable even when he's not banned, nonetheless.

Overall her nemesis, Awakened Na Yubin isn't available on the Global server and he won't be for months. This means that Sigma camping teams could become quite popular in the Gauntlet.

As for PVE, Sigma shines in Raids that currently are the best place to farm gear - her buffs and battery abilities will help you there, but be aware that she's pretty gear reliant herself. The more Skill Haste she has, the better she becomes. And to make her usable in both PVP and PVE, you would need around 50% Skill Haste. As for the future PVE content, she will be a great addition to your early Danger Close and Shadow Palace teams.

While her PVE ratings will remain the same as in SEA, her initial PVP rank will be set to SS - while she is gear reliant, her main counter is gone so those who can afford to gear her, will be able to climb easier thanks to her help.

So, should you pull on her? Yes, but be aware she's not a carry-type employee, but more of a glue that binds the team together and makes it stronger - both in PVP and PVE. So if the rest of your team isn't strong, she won't do anything besides killing herself, slowly and painfully.

New skins - wedding series

List of Employees that will receive the skins: Xiao Lin, Sigma, Miya, Rosaria le Friede, Cathy Wade.

Price: 2080 Admin Coins per skin

You can check the skins in the image used as the blog cover.

New Packages

Quite a few new packages will be added to the game - and a lot of them will allow you to get more Blue Tickets in exchange for AC. Which is perfect if Rosaria ate all your tickets and now you want to get Sigma too.