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Global launch trailer released and the roadmap revealed!

Published Sunday, 22 May 2022

Today we've finally received the roadmap for the upcoming Global release and to our surprise, it covers the first four months! Check our review of the roadmap so you can be better prepared for the release.

Launch trailer

The launch trailer should be really called Launch Video because it's nearly 13 minutes long! To be honest, it's more than we expected, because not only the video introduces the game, but also it contains a message from the game's director, a roadmap, and some bits of more information! The trailer is available on youtube so do check it out here!

The game will also release on the 26th of May, not the 27th as we initially thought.

The roadmap

You can find the roadmap on the official Counter Side Global website - here's the link. They've split it into four massive images to show what will be available on release and what the next three months will bring us.

Let's start with the on-release roadmap

Now let's dig deeper into what's there.

Counter Side Global will have Episodes 1 to 5 available on release which means once you clear the last stage in Episode 5, you will be able to instantly craft the best PVE ship in the game - Enterprise.

We will also receive 6 Side Stories that will allow us to farm quite a lot of SSR and SR employees. We're not sure if the Side stories will be the same as on SEA, but if so, here's the list of farmable characters there:

  • Hilde (SR),

  • Orca (SSR) and Eddie Fisher (SR),

  • John Mason (SSR) and Jane Doe (SSR),

  • Joo Shiyoon (SR),

  • Kang Soyoung (SSR) and Stronghold (SSR),

  • Maria Antonov (SSR) and Jake Walker (SR).

In Side Stories, you are limited to three tries on a stage per day and you get 1-2 shards from each one. Still, there's a chance to receive a full drop of an employee, but the chance is around 1%.

Operators will be there on launch, and while they will be available on a dedicated banner, it's not worth wasting your Blue Tickets or Quartz on them (well, unless you're a whale, then do as you please). Instead, you should buy them from the shop for currency received from doing pulls. Operators aren't really essential in the early game as it's hard to use their special skills, still - check our Operator guide to get yourself familiar with the system (it will be updated soon!).

Awakened employees will be available on launch. You can get Awakened Hilde from her banner and Lee Jisoo from Circuit Bingo. Be aware that the Bingo event was never rerun and that's your only chance to get her for free. As for Hilde, while the SEA server had an event that gave you 1 free pull on her banner daily, we're not sure if this will return on Global.

Overall Awakened Hilde, while she's not a must-have compared to other awakened employees, will make the early game so easy - she will hold the front alone and will carry you through both the Story and the other PVE modes. Also in the endgame, she's a core character in one of the two teams that can clear Dive 50 on auto.

The first banner will be Rosaria le Friede, our lovely demon lord who also is known as Chair-sama. She's a great flying Ranger that gets stronger as enemies get killed. Considering that her banner is the first one, Yang Harim could be available in the general pool of characters, but we're trying to confirm this first.

160 free pulls event is also confirmed and this combined with A. Hilde banner, means that the Reroll Guide needed some changes and we already updated it! So if you're interested in Rerolling, go here.

Eins & Zwei Battle Pass will be available on release. The Twins are one of the best Strikers in the game and if you plan to spend on the game, the Battle Pass is totally worth getting. The best way to get AC is to buy the 30-day pack - it gives you the best AC/$ ratio in the game and it will cost you around 10$ for the BP if you buy the AC this way.

For F2P players, while Battle Pass characters are locked behind a paywall, once the BP ends, they're added to the general pool and you can randomly get them from any banner. Also, around 1-2 months after the BP ends, they will receive their dedicated banner.

There will be also an event available from the first day and it's Sweet Promotion - that's the codename for the Valentines' event and here's an image of all the skins available there.

For clearing event stages, you will get event currency that you can spend in the shop for Blue Tickets, and other goodies! So make sure to clear the whole event.

For those who love PVP, the Ranked System will be available since launch and it's worth playing because you can earn the unique Maze gear! Still, if you don't like Real-Time PVP, you can earn the rewards through Strategy PVP that allows you to fight bots - you still earn the same currency in both modes.

What's coming in June?

Danger Close PVE mode will be released. It's basically a boss rush mode with two bosses available each season (that lasts 2 weeks - 1 week of boss killing, 1 week of break) where you compete with the whole server who can kill them the fastest. You can check more information about it in our guide. It's a bit outdated, but it's next on our to-do list.

Awakened Yoo Mina banner will be added. Judging at the whole roadmap, it seems that similar to SEA, a new awakened banner will appear every 3/4 weeks. So the pace of the server should be the same.

Sigma event will start on week 2 and that's when her banner will go up. She's a Tower unit that stays near the ship and helps allies with buffs and deployment resource recovery, which makes her a top-tier PVE employee. Considering that Global will receive a lot of harder PVE modes early, potentially skipping Rosaria and getting her might be viable, but it's up to you.

The Old Fear event, starting at week 4, will introduce Edel Meitner, the all-eating demon lord that shines in PVE stages, especially Shadow Palace. And considering that the mode will be released soon after Edel, getting her is really important.

Regina MacCready also appears in the Old Fear event and she's the second Battle Pass character! Regina is a supporter/tank hybrid that specializes in fighting against Mechs. She's not as must-have as Eins & Zwei, but has her uses in mech-heavy stages - and those are common in Shadow Palace and Challenge Mode.

Kim Hana Operator will also become available somewhere in June, but just like with the other Operators, don't pull on her banner and just buy her in the shop. Kim Hana is a powerful Operator that is easy to use and shines in PVE.

What's coming in July?

The already mentioned Shadow Palace will be released in July. It's one of the harder PVE modes on a fresh server - the Palace is split into 5 floors, 3 of which will be available on release. For more details about this mode, check our guide here.

Awakened Yuna and Awakened Lee Sooyeon will be released with their respective events in July. Both are top-tier awakened employees, but Yuna is a tank/dps/debuffer/selfhealer/summoner (uh uh) hybrid that alone can carry you in a lot of mid and early endgame content. She's also a monster in PVP that will dominate the Gauntlet for a long time. As for ALSY - unlike Yuna, she's not a carry-type employee, but she's the best anti-air employee in the game that shines in PVP to this day and is super helpful in a lot of stages that are air enemy heavy.

If you have to choose between them, Yuna is the better choice.

Edit: It's quite possible that only Awakened Yuna will be released this month. While Awakened LSY is present in the image, she's not on the list of events. Overall if she were to be released after Yuna, then the release order of awakened employees would match the original KR release.

As for normal employees, Serapel, Harab, and Alex will be released. Check their reviews to decide who should you save for, but from the trio, Serapel is a great tank that pairs really well with Awakened Yuna. In the SEA server, even today, I use the Yuna+Serapel as my opening in a lot of PVE content.

Lyudmila will be the third Battle Pass employee. She's the only flying Counter Sniper in the game and you can use her in both PVP and PVE.

Also, the 50 days event will be run this month - and it brings more free pulls and more goodies!

What's coming in August?

Episode 6 will be released in August, allowing you to progress further in the story and it will reveal a lot of important information about the world. For lore-loving players, it will be a treat.

Consortium Co-op Battle PVE mode will be also released this month. In this mode, together with your guild, you fight against Bosses that get stronger and stronger as you keep killing them.

Also, Relic Dungeons will be released alongside and this will test a lot of players - this mode is the current endgame content in KR and SEA and it's super hard to clear, but it gives you great rewards in return. Check our guide for this mode here.

The events released this month are:

  • Summer of Destiny is the summer event with skins that are considered among the best in the game by both SEA and KR communities,

  • Otherworldly Delivery Disaster is basically an April Fools event that gives free skins and allows you to buy more of them,

  • Special Investigation is about hunting the Furball and it's an introduction to the School characters.

Awakened Na Yubin will be the awakened employee of the month and while he's great in PVP and by many considered a must-pull, he's just average in PVE, so players who prefer this mode, can skip him.

Ifrit, Estaque, Naielle, and Mika Star will be released in August and to be honest, everyone besides Ifrit is not worth pulling. Edith Twins will also be the fourth Battle Pass character, but sadly she's nothing more than eye candy. She has a cute penguin though!

PC Client is also confirmed to release somewhere in or before August and what's interesting is that it will be available on Steam. This can drastically increase the game's popularity, so we're looking forward to it!

Also, the 100 days event will be run this month - and it brings more free pulls and more goodies!

Special thanks

I would also like to thank the whole team who in recent days has been doing over time and updating the ratings, reviews, and guides so Global players have all the information they need to start strong in this game.

I've created a special page, where everyone who is helping me keep the site updated is listed and you can check it here.