Global Region

Global Dev Notes #2 - September update

Published Saturday, 27 August 2022

The first proper dev notes for the Global server were released today and the region is in for a treat!

You can read the dev notes on the official website here. There's also a second page that explains the damage formula changes, CC Res rework, and other upcoming changes.

Since the dev notes are really well done and easy to read, we will only provide a summary of them and explain the implications for our region for each major change.

Update policy

The plan is to catch up the Global server to the KR one as fast as it's possible but to prevent players' burnout they will give a lot more rewards compared to other servers.

So instead of reruns for events that happened a lot in SEA and Japan, Global will rarely rerun them in the first year as it will try to push the story as much as possible.

STEAM Release

The official STEAM release date has been revealed and it's happening in just a few days - on the 1st of September. You will be able to connect your current account to Steam, and don't lose your progress.

100-day anniversary event

100 free pull banner will start next week!

Summer event and skins

The summer event and summer skins sale will start next week. Compared to other regions, where both the event and the skin sales were split into stages, Global will get everything on the first day.

Newbie missions rework

Newbie missions rework that is a lot smoother and gives more freebies (if you already did them, you can do them again and reap double the rewards).

Salary Negotiations QOL

No more staring at the screen for nearly 30 seconds every time you want to level someone as now the negotiations will happen instantly.

Additional rewards

As we mentioned earlier in the policy update section, Global will receive more rewards to balance the increased pace. And the first step is releasing a shop event that was a recent addition to the KR region and appeared there for the 2.5 anniversary. The rewards include an SSR selector ticket which should contain all characters available in the general pool.

New content coming to Global in August

  • Shadow Palace Floor 4 - (we will update our guide for the floor soon!),

  • Relic Dungeons - but only the first floor in each dungeon will be available initially, so it won't be that bad because floors 3 and 4 are the really hard ones,

  • Left Behind Alone side story will be added as a permanent event.

Damage formula rework, stat changes, and PVP safe zone adjustments

This includes:

  • damage formula has been reworked and simplified,

  • CC Res now not only reduces the duration of debuffs but also their power,

  • PVP safe zone change that affects Towers.

We discussed all those topics extensively already, and we also just released a blog post that goes in-depth into the implications of the damage formula rework. You can read it here.

Battle Strategy issues

The developers are aware that the recently reworked Strategy mode wasn't well received in Global and they're planning to add some changes to it to make it better.