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Global Day 1 Survival Guide

Published Wednesday, 25 May 2022

The Global server will be released within the next 48 hours! Check this post for a compiled list of information that will help you start strong.

The few weeks since the announcement about the release date passed really fast and we're just two days away from the Global release! While we don't know the exact release hour yet, the game will go live somewhere within the next 24-48 hours.

Edit: The release hour has been revealed and you can use this countdown timer to check it.


If you never played Counter Side before or tried the SEA version for a bit, start with our Beginner Guide that contains information about every area of the game, including progressing, leveling, creating teams, managing resources, and many many others!

Starting strong is really important in any gacha game, and this is why we created a dedicated Reroll Guide for those who love to waste hours or days to get the characters that are either overpowered or their favorite.

Counter Side is a pretty complicated game and some of the combat mechanics aren't explained anywhere, but have no fear! The Prydwen team spent days doing test battles to find information about how the combat works. Everything is compiled in our Terms and Mechanics Guide.

Operators will also be available on release in Global. Think about them as captains that lead the units in the battle and support them with buffs. Our Operator Guide has been recently updated, so you can check out who is the best Operator to invest in!

If you're one of the bloodthirsty players that love to bathe in the tears of others, the Newbie PVP guide is just for you. You will learn the basics of PVP in Counter Side: who are the employees you should focus on, how to create teams and how to play. This guide was created by Pie who is one of the best PVPers on the SEA server.

If you plan to spend or even whale on the game, check iridescent's Spending Guide. There's also another sheet - Counter Side Values - made by Whitesushi who compiled all the offers and rated them by their value. While the second guide hasn't been updated in some time, the offers are always the same across all servers, especially the new player ones.

Most of our other guides have also been updated so check the Guides category on the website if you're looking for more information.

Website updates

The website is ready for the Global release and all the important pages allow you to switch between SEA, Global, and KR servers so you can easily check what's available where. The same for the Tier List - we created a separate PVP rating for the Global server because the meta will be different there and will evolve differently. We will keep track of the meta and adjust the ratings on a biweekly basis!

The Prydwen team wishes all Global players a great start and we hope you will fall in love with the game as we did!