Global Region

Global beta officially begins!

Published Wednesday, 13 April 2022

The Closed Beta for the global region launched a few hours ago. Go give it a try!

Here's the information posted on the official blog for Counter Side Global:

Counterside's Global Server is finally here! 👏

Curious about what CEOs can do during the CBT? Let's check it out!

CEOs residing in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, do not miss this exciting opportunity!

The CBT will be available in Appstore and Google PlayStore.

Apple App store: [LINK]

Google PlayStore: [LINK]

As for CEOs living in the other parts of the world, the doors to the Counterside will also be open for you once OBT starts!

The news post has many more details about the beta, so go check it out here. Still, be aware that this is beta and not an official start, so after a week, your progress will be wiped.

If you want to know how Prydwen is preparing for the global launch, check our other post.