SEA Region

Evolved One and Scavengers join the fight

Published Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Scavengers are here! This is a surprise because Evolved One and the hybrid soldiers were added a few months back in the KR region. What else is new?

01/12 New Content in SEA

  1. [Event] Top Counter’s Good Luck Circuit Link Starts!

  2. [Word Map] Ready to Dive? Measured Coordinates 46-50 Unlocked!

  3. [Attendance] 200th Day Celebration Punch In! (2021-12-01~2021-12-15)

  4. [Recruit] 200th Day Special Talent Recruitment! (10 Free Recruits a day, up to 100 Free Recruits during the event!)

  5. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Evolved One Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Overflow & Glitch Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Maria Antonov Recruitment Probability UP!

  8. [Skin] New Permanent Skins for Evelyn Keller and Claudia Nelson!

  9. Ship] New Ship—Matador Launched!

  10. [Operation] New Challenges—Chloe’s Credit Search and Alphatrix Innovation Setup

  11. [Operation] Supply Operation Covert Ops: Stop the Pirates and Exchange Shop: Gold Bullet Unlocked!

  12. [Shop] Added Evolved One Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol. 1-3, Ship Launch Special Package, and Info Special Package

  13. [Shop] Added T6 Sc. Gear Set Option Selection Package I, II

  14. [Danger Close] Danger Close Results Settled

  15. [Buff] Salary Negotiation Credit Discount +20% (12/2~12/5, All Day)

New Awakened employee – Evolved One

Evolved-1 is the first awakened employee that isn't a Counter. She's also the first unit that consumes other units to make herself permanently stronger. With over 130k HP, 2k DEF, and 5% MDL she's really hard to kill. She seems to fit great into the mecha team, but the fact that she can't be healed is a problem in PVE modes.

Also be aware that she’s also the first farmable awakened employee, but you need to clear Dive 50 first. And trust me, this won’t be easy.

Is she worth pulling?

Considering that's she's one of the best PVP employees in the game now if you like PVP you have no choice. It's quite possible Mech teams will be meta for a long time, since SEA doesn't have any counters to her. If you're a PVE player, you can easily skip her banner and focus on clearing D50 to farm her (which takes 2-3 months).

Check her full review and profile here.

New employees – Scavengers

Overflow and Glitch are here, the first two hybrid employees that are both Soldiers and Mechs. Overflow is a 4-cost Defender that’s nearly as tanky as A. Hilde and ten times more annoying with his constant knockback. As for Glitch, well, he’s mostly used as a sacrifice for Evolved One passive sadly.

Are they worth pulling?

Overflow is great in PVP in Mecha teams and works well with E1, so yes. In PVE his 4 cost is a pretty big one and both Lee Yumi/Serapel just help the team more, so it's up to you honestly.

As for Glitch, if you get him while pulling for Overflow, then great. If not, he's mostly used as a sacrifice for Evolved One, so don't waste your tickets.

You can check their profiles here: Overflow, Glitch.

New ship – Matador

First mecha/soldier hybrid ship that created a new way of playing combined with Evolved-1 and Scavengers. But it's not limited to hybrid teams and you can use him with soldiers only too (Jane Doe and Veronica especially fit well with the passive).

Still, to unlock the recipe you need to clear Dive 50 which is pretty damn hard to do.

Updated content – Dive 45-50

The hardest and most annoying content in KR right now is here. When the Dive extension was first released, only the biggest whales could clear D50 in the first week. But now a lot of cheese tactics were discovered for example using Veronica as a tank – thanks to her immortality and well-timed redeploy you don’t have to worry about Evolved One one-shotting her.

Still, in SEA were lacking a lot of crucial employees that are strong in Dive 50: Ministra, Spira, and especially the flying mech-nightmare Rita.

New Event – 200 days special

It’s already been 200 days since the game launched and as a reward, a special calendar and a 100 free pull banner will be added to the game.

I hope you will get SSR employees every 10 pulls!

New skins – Evelyn and Claudia

Claudia's skins costs 1080 Quartz, while Evelyn costs 1600 AC.

You can check the full sprites on their profile pages!