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Dive 49 and 50 guide is here!

Published Tuesday, 07 December 2021

The latest released content update that brought us Dive 45-50 caused quite a mess because SEA is missing a lot of crucial employees that are needed to clear it. But fear not! A. Hilde is here to help you.

Currently on SEA there exist only two kinds of teams that cleared Dive 50. The first one, and definitely the more popular one, is the Veronica immortality cheese, and the second revolves around abusing Awakened Hilde's absurd survivability.

While there's already a lot of guides about the Veronica way, A.Hilde is a lot less popular. Why? Mainly because the team is way more gear-dependent. Even if A.Hilde is a natural tank, you need at least four (yes, four) healers to actually keep her alive against Evolved One.

Still, if you compare the team to Veronica cheese, it's a lot more forgiving - you deploy Hilde, then the healers and supports, and if your gear is good enough, you basically can auto it. No split-second battle to redeploy Veronica or to redirect Evolved One ult with Ingrid is needed!

With the help of TripBitShooter and Drancia I've prepared a general guide about Dive, including Support, Artifacts, Save-scumming, teams, and strategy used to clear Dive 49 and Dive 50.

Here's the link: Dive 49 and 50 guide.

Happy clearing!