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Developer Notes - 31

Published Friday, 03 December 2021

This month most of the dev note is about the upcoming T7 gear and it looks like Epic 7 wyvern farming is coming to Counter Side!

Here's the translation of the latest dev note from the KR developers.

New equipment system and general improvements

The current equipment and gearing system in Counter Side has certain flaws. The biggest one being that since the start of the game the highest level of the gear was capped and Maze along with Gordias was the pinnacle of what players could obtain.

Furthermore, the number of Maze and other unique T6 gear was pretty limited and there was no other way to get them besides buying them from certain shops, modes, and events. Once every available piece was obtained, all the players could do is wait for it to appear in an event.

That was the reason why we began working on a system that allows the players to farm new gear that could compete with the current best one, without it being time and number gated.

And T7 was the perfect moment where we could introduce the improvements - both with general changes to the gear and with the new T7 Relics.

Increases to HP and ATK stats on gear

We've decided to increase both the HP and ATK stats across every piece of gear. The change should make obtaining better gear feel more impactful in early game PVE content.

  • ATK Main stat - 1.55-1.6x increase,

  • ATK Sub stat - 3.15-3.2x increase,

  • HP Main stat - 1.8-1.85x increase,

  • HP Sub stat - 3.65-3.7x increase.

The increase depends on the tier and rarity of the gear.

Overall the increase to the main stats should help in various PVE content, but for sub stats even after the change, it will be hard for HP and ATK to compete with other more desirable stats like Skill haste or CRIT DMG. Also since in PVP only 10% of the stats are applied to the employees, the change won't impact the Gauntlet too much.

Upgrading current gear from T6 to T7

We know that after all this time many of our players have great T6 gear and leaving it behind would be hard to swallow. That's why we will introduce a way to upgrade your current gear to T7. Still, you will need both Elite Upgrade Materials and meet certain conditions before you will be able to do that:

  • Upgrade the item to +10,

  • Achieve 100% strengthening on both sub stats.

And here's the cost of upgrading one item from T6 to T7:

  • 3 million Credits,

  • 200 Elite Upgrade Materials,

  • 400 Purified Device (for weapons), 400 Masterless Parts (for armor), or 400 Nightmare Extract (for accessories).

It will take around 3-4 days' worth of Eternium to gather enough materials to upgrade one piece from T6 to T7. Also, the three weirdly named items will be farmable in new dungeons.

Here's the list of all the gear that can be upgraded from T6 to T7:

  • Maze,

  • Gordias,

  • Hummingbird,

  • Courage,

  • Sincere,

  • Challenger,

  • Superconductive (raid gear),

  • Exclusive Equipment.

After upgrading a piece of gear from T6 to T7 it will keep its Set and the main/sub stats will be increased. Compared to T7 Relicts (more about them later) gear upgraded from T6 doesn't gain any extra stats and the increase is similar to getting the best rolls on T7 relicts.

Here's an example:

T7 Relics

Relics are a new type of equipment that you will be able to farm using Eternium. It has the same base stats and set options pool as existing equipment, but the thing that makes it different is that Relics can have three stats, not just two.

In addition to the two stats, the current gear has, once you upgrade a Relic to +2 you will unlock an additional random stat. When the Relic gets further upgraded to +5 and +7, the third stat will also increase by a random value. The random value part is really important and it adds a bit of RNG to the game. Not only do you need to get the stat you want in the third slot, but also it needs to roll well.

Also as with normal gear, you can change the prefix/suffix using Blue Binaries (18 per roll for SSR) and the set of the Relic using Golden Binaries (12 per roll for SSR).

The third stat can't be changed at all.

Here's the table showing the T7 Swift Relics and all the possible stats and values you can get on them:

To summarize, here are the potential stats for a perfect rolled T7 Relics set (without the set bonus):

  • CDR = 37% from the third stat + 9.2% from the prefix = 46.2%

  • ASPD = 20.2% + 7.6% from the prefix = 27.8%

  • HP % = 26.8%

  • Attack % = 26.8%

  • CRIT DMG = 53.8%

Thanks Ark for doing the math!

How to get Relics?

Relics can be farmed in three new Dungeons that you can access after clearing Episode 5 of the story. The Dungeons will be released together with the 14th December update in the KR Region.

Each Dungeon drops one type of material you use to craft (for different slots) and it has 4 levels:

  • stage 1 - 100 level enemies,

  • stage 2 - 110 level enemies,

  • stage 3 - 120 level enemies,

  • stage 4 - 130 level enemies.

With each stage, not only the level of enemies increases but so does the difficulty, and for the highest stages, you will need to prepare your team well to counter that what waits for you inside.

Also, Relics similar to Shadow Palace gear can drop with R-SSR rarity.

Here's the amount of stuff needed to craft 1 Swift Relic:

  • 1x Relic Mold,

  • 300k Credits,

  • 15 Elite Upgrade Materials,

  • 15 Purified Device (for weapons), 15 Masterless Parts (for armor), or 15 Nightmare Extract (for accessories).

UI improvements

We've changed the UI of the equipment inventory:

And also improved the filter, so it should be much easier to find the gear you want:

Also, we've increased the base inventory space from 200 to 300 and the max inventory space from 1750 to 2000.


Overall, the easiest way to summarize the system is to think about it as an upgraded version of Wyvern Farming from Epic 7:

  • farm mats from new dungeons where all you need is Eternium to enter,

  • craft a piece of gear and upgrade it to +2,

  • if you get Skill Haste, ASPD or % ATK on a DPS piece or HP%/CRIT DMG RES on tank piece consider yourself lucky,

  • if you rolled anything else, cry and try again,

  • upgrade the good gear to +5 and +7, only to cry because it rolled the lowest possible value and repeat the process with a new piece.

Source: Nexon Forum