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December in KR region

Published Friday, 03 December 2021

As usual at the start of the month, Nexon KR had released information about the events coming to the game and December looks like it will be a great time for Counter Side fans in the KR region!

A new infographic was released (the link is at the bottom of the post) and here's the list of events and other things coming to the KR server this month:

14th December

New employee - Orochi

We already revealed her art in another blog post, so go check it out if you want to know how she looks like!

Yoo Mina Rearm rework

Yoo Mina is getting the promised rework to her Rearm which was pretty underwhelming. While both Xiao Rearms are pretty good (Nest Keeper dominates PVP and Kestrel is the new best pure DPS employee for PVE, especially raids), Yoo Mina was just terrible.

Here's the new art for her rearm:

Not only her art will change, but so will her skill, animations, and other things.

Three new permanent skins will be added

We already know who is hiding in the middle skin - Chifuyu. Here's the full art:

As for the other two, who do you think those skins belong to? Leave your predictions in the comments!

ESPR Event rerun

Well, players who missed Rivet will be very happy to hear that her event is getting a rerun.

21th December

Christmas Event

Same as last year, Christmas comes to Counter Side. A new event with great rewards will be added. More details will be revealed later, but let's hope the 160 free pulls that everyone received last Christmas will return.

White Rabbit Challenge Mode

Similar to Alphatrix or Alt Squad, it's time for White Rabbit to get their farmable exclusive equipment. Yang Harim should be very happy!

Challenge Mode Act 5

The next Challenge Mode act comes to KR. Hopefully, there won't be any Rhino or other even more idiotic stages as in Act 3.

Alphatrix Counter Cases

Some of the Alphatrix employees will receive their Counter Case.

28th December

Three new Rearms

Three new Rearms will be added and we already have the names of the employees receiving them: Laura Beatrix, Esterosa de Chevalier, and Elizabeth Pendragon.

New Year Bingo event and calendar

Christmas bingo will be added and let's hope this time there will be a skin reward there!

Source: Nexon Forum