KR Region

CounterSide KR 2nd Anniversary

Published Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Today's stream revealed a lot of information about the upcoming second anniversary of the KR version of the game.

Here's a link to the live stream if you want to rewatch it: Official YouTube.

Episode 8 is here

The Qliphoth game is officially starting! Demon Lords are on the move and also a lot of backstory about the Admin will be revealed.

They showed a PV for the new Episode - here's a link.

The new episode will be released on 25th January in the KR region.

Anniversary Skins

Four new skins will be added to the game. From left: Eujin, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Sigma, and Awakened Seo Yoon.

New Awakened Employee - Jake!

The next awakened employee is Jake Walker! He will be a Defender Type unit and he will be the key character in Episode 8.

New employees

Jaina Cropel

She's a sniper-type employee who joins the Delta Seven faction. Her gimmick is that ASPD is equal to Skill Haste.


She's the next BP unit that's a Defender focusing on supporting her allies with buffs rather than a pure tank.

New Rearm


She will become a mid-range type unit instead.

New Ship


It has Ice based powers that allow him to Freeze enemies and also buff ASPD of allies.

Roadmap for 2022

  • Event about a bar for Demon Lords,

  • John Mason side story,

  • Operators rebalance,

  • Raid rework - new bosses and new gear,

  • Training Room - where you will be able to do test fights against various bosses,

  • Alphatrix event,

  • Elysium Philharmonic event (Shena is part of this faction),

  • Counter Cases for Alex, Lyudmila, Karin, Joo Shiyoung,

  • Horizon Finance Bunny girl skins,

  • Jukebox system for Dorms and Lobby - you will be able to play different songs,

  • QOL changes to Preset gear.

  • Episode 9,

  • Fallen Hawk Counter Cases - Doma and Yuma only,

  • Draft Mode official release,

  • New Guild Coop Boss,

  • Coffin company skins,

New features and changes to the game coming in the next few months

Some of it is already mentioned in the roadmap, but some will come sooner - together with Episode 8 on 25th January.

  • ability to change lobby music,

  • QOL changes to gear presets,

  • Friendly PVP - you can finally do PVP matches against your friends,

  • PVP season length will be lowered from 3 months to 2 months,

  • Custom bans added - you can select employees and ships that you want to see banned and every week the picks of all players will affect the weekly ban list,

  • In Ranked Arena you will lose fewer points when fighting against players that have a lower rank than you,


  • Removed the need for Info to skip stages - means it's FREE now!

  • Failing a stage will give you 90% of used Eternium back, instead of 50%,

  • New animations for Chibi versions of the employees, for example, Dance or Hug,

  • Adding more furniture that will allow the Chibis to interact with,

  • The furniture prices will be lowered,

  • Feast Room - will provide small resource boost,

  • Jukebox - you can play different songs in your Dorm now,

  • Other Dorm updates are coming.

  • there are tons of rewards, and the Awakened Selector is back! This time everyone will get to pick one from: Awakened Na Yubin, Awakened Yuna, or Amy.