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Counter Side Global Steam release pre-register!

Published Friday, 05 August 2022

The Steam release for the Global version of the game is coming soon, but you can pre-register already!

Just an hour ago, on the official Global website for Counter Side the publisher posted news about the Steam release!

Dear CEOs!

It is finally happening! The long-awaited STEAM release of Counterside Global is finally here and pre-registration is now open!

By clicking the ‘wishlist’ button, you are automatically signed up for it

Account-wise, all CEOs will be able to link the current mobile accounts to the upcoming STEAM PC client, hence everyone can use the PC client without having to start over. Moreover, just like the mobile counterpart, the STEAM client will not officially support countries that had official Counterside services before the Global release.

Additionally, we cannot skip talking about the pre-registration reward! A new roadmap and pre-registration gifts are prepared for our CEOs, so get hyped from the present and the upcoming roadmap from us!

Here's the link to the official news.

And here's the link to the Steam page for Counter Side Global.

While the announcement says that the Steam client won't support countries where Global isn't officially released (so SEA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China), players from SEA are able to normally visit the page and wishlist the game. Normally, region-blocked games on Steam aren't even displayed in the shop. So this gives us hope that players from SEA that moved to the Global region will be able to play on Steam.

Please be aware that the Steam release is only for the Global server. SEA has its own PC client and so do other regions.

Also, it seems that the Steam release will also come with some rewards, but for now, we don't have any details about them (the 100-day Anniversary will be held this month, and with it, comes a 100 free pull banner, so there's a high chance they plan to pair the Steam release with the 100-day Anni).

When we will know anything about the roadmap or the rewards, we will inform you right away!