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Code Geass collab - C.C. and Villetta design revealed!

Published Sunday, 11 September 2022

The other two collab characters' details and designs have just been revealed!

C.C. and The Lancelot Frontier

C.C. is an SSR Rarity character, but we don't know her type or class yet. Still seeing that she comes together with her mech, we can guess she will be Mech type too.

Things that have been confirmed so far about C.C.:

  • similar to Lelouch, you will obtain her as a Rearmed character which means she will have a Leader passive,

  • she will be available on a normal banner (you can pull on it using Blue Tickets), but the event itself will provide enough character data to fully max her skills.

Here is her design:

And here is her skill cut-in:

Villeta Nu

Villeta Nu won't be a character, but an Operator instead that you will be able to obtain from the normal banner (using Blue Tickets).

Here is her design:

Other information

The JPN version also revealed some details about the other two collab characters:

  • Lelouch will be a Counter Supporter and his kit will revolve around buffing Skill Haste for allies and Skill Sealing enemies,

  • Kallen will be an Awakened Mech Striker.

Also, all three playable characters will have their own Exclusive Equipment that you will be able to farm from the event.