KR Region

Changes to the Damage Formula

Published Saturday, 27 August 2022

A recent patch in the Korea region changed the damage formula quite a bit. It's coming to other regions soon too - find out about it in the post!

The blog was written by Gingingt so all credits go to him!


Well... no one really asked for it, but the devs decided it should be changed, so here we are. In this blog, I will explain the new damage formula, how it compares to the old one, and how it changes the game, especially the meta. Welcome to a math-heavy blog entry by your resident yellow elephant!

Before I start writing formulas, take note that all types of damage boosts are on the attacker's side and all defensive bonuses are on the defender's side. Because saying "defender" is confusing here since there is a class in the game called "Defender", I'll instead just say "opponent".

Also a small disclaimer, the calculations make assumptions of gear, usually popular sets. There may be different results if you happen to use different kinds of gear.

Old formula

Here's what the old damage formula looked like:

Attacker's ATK × Damage Multiplier × (1 + Attacker's CDMG - Opponent's CDMG Res)* × [(1 - ΣResistance + ΣAntiDmg) × (1 - DEF%)]** × (1 - AoE Res***) × (1 - Action DMG Res) × Evasion Reduction****

* - only when crit; can't go below 1.

** - can't go below 0.20.

*** - only vs AoE attacks.

**** - only if attack is evaded.

Now we probably already have a lot of questions coming here.

The first is what is ΣResistance: this is simply the summation of applicable resistances of the opponent. Whether it's Lake Superior's passive, a Gordias Crown's Melee Res, a Dante Case's Anti-Ranger Res, a Ground Res operator, DMG Tolerance, or Arti Lana's passive Counter Res, it's all added the same here - except Crit DMG Res and AoE Res, which are applied separately in the formula above.

Anti damage of the attacker is then just the net Anti-x damage the attacker has. Role Advantage is also factored in this section, with a base +30% for advantage and -30% for disadvantage on the attacker's side. Also, it's worth noting that Damage Taken+ from sources like Roy and Doma, and DMG++ from Overflow and Sollicitatio's aura are still counted as reductions to resistance.

The second question is what does "Action DMG Res" refer to.

I use this term to refer to DMG Res given during certain actions, such as Elizabeth's skill giving her 80% DMG Res, or Young Lee Sooyeon's 50% during her ult (yes I know it's listed as 35%, but it's actually 50% in application). This kind of DMG Res is special because it's multiplicative to final damage rather than additive to Anti-type resistance.

Also, you may be wondering why MDL isn't in the listed formula. It's because it's not a direct change to any output damage and has much more specific criteria to fulfill to be used.

Alongside MDL, if you still ask about some of the other terms, check out the terms and mechanics guide in the guides section. Do note that some stuff there is outdated though - we'll be updating it soon too!

Well, enough dwelling on the old formula. Let's take a look at the new one.

New formula

The new damage formula is:

Attacker's ATK × Damage Multiplier × (1 + Attacker's CDMG - Opponent's CDMG Res)* × [(1 - ΣTyped Resistance + ΣAntiDmg) × (1 - DEF%)]** × [1 - (Universal Res + AoE Res*** + Skill/Ult*** Res - Skill/Ult*** Dmg)] × Role Advantage DMG × (1 - Action DMG Res) × Evasion Reduction****

* - only when crit; can't go below 1.

** - can't go below 0.20.

*** - only vs AoE attacks, and Skills/Ults respectively.

**** - only if attack is evaded.

There are two main changes here.

The more minor one is that Role Advantage is now a separate multiplier rather than additive to typed resistance. This makes it such that in PvP, a full Anti-Defender Ranger vs a full resistance Defender will now do 3~6% less damage (rounded up) - before including operator.

Once you factor a lv 11 Ground DMG Res operator, the Ranger instead does 0.3% more ~ 2.7% less damage compared to the old damage formula. Though do note this is before factoring any other sources of Anti-x DMG on the attacker's side, and it assumes the attacker is a Ground unit. If the attacker is an Air unit or has a high innate Anti-x DMG, this change potentially increases their damage output - for Air units running the same setup for example, instead of doing 3% less damage, they will do 3% more. As for Lee Yuri and her innate 80% Anti-Counter DMG... she's the real winner on this buff - on Maze CDR she will be doing 6.9% more damage vs Defenders.

This change affects PvE more.

In PvE often you're stacking tons of Anti-x DMG and the opponent has none (or very little) innate DMG Res. This makes it that the multiplicative nature of the Role ADV buff gives up to 15.7% more damage on enemies matching the Anti-types before factoring in other sources of Anti-x DMG. While we're on this topic - no, Role ADV DMG still doesn't overtake ASPD or CDMG as an operator side skill; at best it's only 11% more damage, while ASPD is already 12% outright.

The more major change here is that universal resistance is no longer additive to Anti-type resistance; it's now factored in the same category as AoE Res and Skill/Ult Res - it's multiplicative to Anti-type. Universal resistance is such as that provided by Lake Superior's passive 12% from its passive and ult. For PvP, if we factor just the passive, the units are taking 4~6% more damage compared to the old formula, but with the ult in play the units take 9% more. This is a pretty big nerf to Lake as it currently seems. However, this opens a new world of play in PvE - it's a massive buff to Roy, Doma, and Nequitia as their Dmg Taken+ debuffs are now multiplying the team's total damage output rather than simply adding it to Anti-type damage.

Also, DMG Res Penetration now only applies to the Anti-x resistances, not the universal resistance. This means Machine Collector no longer works for Inhibitor, so slot her out of your teams if you use her.

True damage issue

Anyway, now we're done with the formulas, there's still one thing to clarify: in the dev note they claim that True Damage will set the compound of Anti-x resistance and defense to 1 if it is less than 1, effectively ignoring both DEF and resistance. This actually is not true according to tests done in the KR server where the formula was changed already - True Damage is still behaving the same way as it did before the formula was changed, in that it simply just ignores Defense. If this is intended or a bug, is unknown.


  • Expect to do slightly less damage in PvP, unless the opponent is using Lake Superior.

  • Build full Anti-x in PvE and watch your damage numbers skyrocket.

  • Roy, Doma, and Nequitia are much stronger in PvE now.

  • Machine Collector no longer works in Inhibitor.

That'll be all for now - hope your brain's still intact after all that math!

Ratings for the affected characters and operators aren't updated yet as we're still testing things, but the tier list should be updated within a week.