KR Region

Awakened Maria, Rearm Sylvia and Clarence kits revealed!

Published Monday, 30 May 2022

Two new employees and one rearm will be added to the KR region tomorrow, but we already have their kits!

Gargantua Maria

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Ranger

  • Deployment cost: 6

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Distorts the space in front of her, dealing damage to the closest enemy.

Passive - Gargantua

Creates a portal in front of her after being deployed. When deploying an allied unit (awakened units and towers excluded) nearby the portal, it will enter it after 2 seconds and get teleported 40% forward (60% in Gauntlet) and gain 25% increased DEF for 8 seconds after that. The portals vanish when Maria dies.

At level 5, Maria permanently gains 10% CRIT DMG when an ally uses the portal (up to 50%). When Maria's HP falls below 20%, she teleports back to her ship.

Special - Dimensional Warfare - 24 seconds - 3 valid hits

Distorts the space in front of her, dealing damage to the closest enemy and around him. The attack stuns one Defender or Striker within range for 2 seconds. In the Gauntlet, stunned enemies also get teleported to the back.

At level 5, damaged targets have one non-permanent buff dispelled and the stun duration is increased to 4 seconds.

Ultimate - Call of Duty - 56 seconds - 4 valid hits

Creates a huge portal to gain support from her fleet, releasing barriers from enemies in front of her before doing AOE damage.

At level 5, +1 Valid Hit.

Prydwen's first impressions:

The ability to teleport units has the potential to change the meta in PVP because it will enable you to bypass the frontline and kill the squishes in the back before going for the ship. She also gains a lot of CRIT and CRIT DMG, so it looks like they want to make her a DPS too, but this depends on her stats.

Here's her full model:


He is the next Battle Pass character in the KR region.

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Striker

  • Deployment cost: 4

  • Attack type: Ground

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Sends a magic wave from his Dragon Sword, dealing AOE damage.

Passive - Largo, The Dragon sword

Each enemy hit by the last attack from Basic Attack increases ATK by 2%, stacking up to 40%. This effect can't be dispelled and casting Special skill removes all stacks.

At level 5, DEF Penetration +60%.

Special - Imperial Sword - 23 seconds - 3 valid hits

Summons a sword to deal AOE damage in front. The cooldown of the skill is ignored when at max Passive stacks.

At level 5, also causes Hitstun to targets in Special Skill mode.

Level 5 is like Rosaria's skill, which means it interrupts Special skills.

Ultimate - I Command Thee Kneel! - 52 seconds - 4 valid hits

Summons the full power of his sword to deal AOE damage in front. For 10 seconds after casting the skill, gain immunity to all hitstuns.

At level 5, gain maximum stacks of the Passive after casting the skill.

Prydwen's first impressions:

Clarence looks like he will become a great DPS-focused PVE employee, especially in Danger Close - mainly thanks due to the DEF Penetration he gains passively. As for PVP, there are far better 4 (and even 3) cost Strikers that provide the team with more things, but if his damage is high enough he might be able to shine there too.

Keep in mind that Strikers are really stat dependant and if they won't be good, then he will instantly move to the bench.

Here's his full model:

Dark Seven Sylvia

  • Type: Counter

  • Role: Supporter

  • Deployment cost: 4

  • Attack type: All

  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack

Fires a laser gun at a target.

Passive - Leaf Node Hacking

Hacks into enemy gear on the field, decreasing their performance. Enemy ATK is reduced by 10% while Sylvia is alive.

At level 5, HP +20%.

At level 10, the effect of the debuff is doubled for Towers.

The other levels give her 80% Anti-Tower DMG in total.

Special - Blackout Shock Buster - 28 seconds - 2 valid hits

Summons a force field at the furthest target within range (18m), that deals Damage over Time to the target and around it. Damaged targets ATK is decreased by 15% for 10 seconds, but if it's a Tower, the debuff value is increased to 30% (bosses excluded). Does not deal damage to targets exceeding the Valid Hit limit.

At level 5, the DoT is increased by 50%.

At level 10, +1 Valid Hit

Ultimate - Junk Maker - 55 seconds - 3 valid hits

Hacks into the satellites and shot EMP missiles at the enemies, inflicting DMG to them and around them

At level 5, cooldown -5s.

At level 10, the last attack Seals the skills of damaged targets for 5 seconds (bosses excluded).

Leader - Da Big Number Seven

After being deployed, reduce DEF of all enemies by 300 for 6 seconds.

At level 5 debuff duration +4s.

Prydwen's first impressions:

Well, that was unexpected. Rearm Sylvia changed from a heavy-dealer Sniper into a Supporter that kinda looks still damage-oriented, so her class change is a bit weird. Still, her kit seems to have been made to counter one of the strongest units in PVP, Nestkeeper Xiao. If she will be able to do that, we will see tomorrow.

Also, her design is pretty weird and doesn't really fit her. Guess a lot happened between us meeting Sylvia and her joining the Dark Hacker group.

Her high-quality art isn't released yet and we only have what was available in the patch notes: