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Awakened Lee Sooyeon confirmed as the next awakened in Global!

Published Saturday, 23 July 2022

Finally, we received confirmation that Awakened LSY will be the next awakened employee released in the Global server!

Awakened Lee Sooyeon PV video has been posted today on the Official Discord which means, she will be released next week (28/07/2022) on the Global server. You can check the video here.


Since the roadmap has been posted there have been a lot of discussions going on our website, multiple community Discords, and Reddit about the order the awakened employees will be released in Global. While Awakened LSY is present on the July/August image - linked here - compared to other awakened units released thus far, she's missing from the event list.

That's why the community has been split between two camps:

  • Awakened LSY will be released with Maze Event before Na Yubin,

  • Awakened LSY won't be released with Maze Event and we will get a rerun instead and then Na Yubin will come.

While both camps raised valid arguments, the first one can triumph now, but it's a bitter-sweet victory for them.

We think the whole discussion should have not happened in the first place. A roadmap should provide crystal clear information and not force the players to guess what will or will not happen. I do hope that studioBside will learn from this and that any future roadmaps for the Global server won't repeat this mistake.

Now, let's talk about Awakened LSY herself.

Awakened Lee Sooyeon


ALSY is the first awakened air employee that was added to the game and at the same time, she's also an anti-air specialist. Guess she doesn't like to share the space with others. Still, being the best anti-air employee in the game isn't the only thing good about her. First of all, she's a 5-cost awakened employee, meaning it's easier to fit her in a team, but she's also a great buffer that makes Counter Rangers in your team way way stronger by buffing their Skill Haste. She has the strongest ETB passive in the game; not only does it hit the whole battlefield, but it can one-shot most flying units like Rosalia/Lyudmila.


In PVE content ALSY shines in:

  • Guild Coop - ALSY is considered the Best-in-Slot character to guard the ship against all the flying units

    • as an alternative, Awakened Yuna can fill the same role in this mode.

  • Shadow Palace Floor 3 - the floor is quite punishing if you try to brute force it using ground units and teams made of only air units have a much easier time there.

    • as an alternative, Awakened Hilde can tank Rooms 1, 2, and 4 for you, and Room 5 disallows awakened units anyway,

    • also, keep in mind that Shadow Palace has 5 floors and ALSY isn't needed once Floors 4 and 5 are released.

  • Relic Dungeons against Edel - as similar to Shadow Palace Floor 3, air teams shine there and ALSY is a core unit in that team,

  • any event stage where Air enemies are common as she can easily deal with them.

Still, keep in mind that besides Guild Coop where she is a must-have for those that plan to conquer the harder levels of the Guild Boss, you always have some alternatives - they might be slightly inferior to ALSY, but they can still work well.


In PVP because of her 5 base cost, she's easier to fit in your team than other awakened units. While other awakened employees have ups and downs and sometimes fall out of meta, ALSY is always dangerous. Mainly due to her lower cost which allows her to be used in various compositions, and also whenever she isn't banned, using air units is risky because a wild ALSY might appear and ruin someone's day. Especially Awakened Horizon abusers hate ALSY as she can ruin their day if she's deployed at the right moment.

ALSY is also one of the few units that reached Ban level 4 in PVP - not once, but multiple times and across multiple regions.


If you're mainly a PVP player, you should know that even till today, she's meta in Global and KR Gauntlets. So you will regret skipping her.

If you're focusing on PVE, you should know that Awakened LSY is a very versatile, but at the same time niche employee.

Shadow Palace will be released with her next week and Floor 3 should be the last floor available in Global for some time. This combined with the fact, that Global lacks many great Air employees will force a lot of players to abandon building the full Air team and instead take the ground route with Awakened Hilde - and most people should have her as she was the reroll target on release. We don't know when Floor 4 will be released, but our bet is that it will come somewhere in October or November.

Also, both Guild Coop and Relic Dungeons will be released in August and in both modes, ALSY fills an important role.


You can check ALSY ratings on her profile. The PVP Global rating won't appear until next week, but we can safely say that she will receive the SSS rating there.