KR Region

Awakened Horizon is here!

Published Monday, 15 November 2021

Awakened Horizon was released today in the KR region together with Draco (more about her in a separate blog post). How good (or bad) is the new mecha awakened employee? Let's find out!

Awakened Horizon is the second awakened mecha employee added to the game and also the second awakened Air unit. Awakened Lee Soyoeon finally has competition in the air battle! She's also a striker-type employee, which is kinda a bummer because the last awakened employee - Arhat Shiyoon - was also a striker.

Here's all the info about Horizon and her translated kit.

Awakened Horizon

Type: Mech

Role: Striker

Deployment cost: 6

Attack type: All

Movement type: Air

Basic Attack

Fires a Pilsgun to damage the closest target. Every 4 basic attacks, cast an enhanced attack using her sword that deals AOE damage.

Passive - Purification Blitz

The Enhanced attack deals 30% of the target's current HP as bonus damage except for bosses. In Gauntlet the attack deals 5% of the target's current HP instead.

At level 5, gain 2 seconds of damage immunity after passive is activated. Increase ATK the lower her HP gets (up to 40%).

Special - Radiant Dash - 34 seconds cooldown

Focuses on one target for 6 seconds and jumps toward him, dealing AOE damage and knocking nearby enemies back. When the target moves 6 meters away from her, the cooldown of the skill is reset and she jumps toward him again.

At level 5, gain 30% Ranged DMG Res for 10 seconds after casting the skill.

Ultimate - Over The Horizon - 62 seconds cooldown

Combine both her swords to unleash a powerful slash. Gain 20% ASPD after casting the skill (buff removed after her death).

At level 5, skill deals True Damage instead. Gain immunity to debuff for 10 seconds after casting the skill.

Here's her model:

And her SD:

Over the next few days, we will test her and provide you with a review - you can check her profile page to see if it's ready.