KR Region

Awakened Horizon buffs and %HP damage changes

Published Monday, 29 November 2021

Today's patch in the KR region buffed Awakened Horizon and fixed an issue with %HP damage in the Gauntlet. Also, Evelyn apparently had bugged skills and now will be even stronger.

Well, it seems that Awakened Woodpecker finally will be as strong as an awakened employee should have been (sorry Jisoo). While the buffs seem small, they should increase her damage output that was pretty terrible in PVP, but at the same time, she will become an even bigger PVE damage dealer monster.

While the developers were investigating A. Horizon's underwhelming damage in PVP they found out that ANY skill with %HP-based damage wasn't working correctly in the Gauntlet.

The issue now has been fixed and the employees with those types of skills should be doing more damage now in PVP. Here are the affected employees: Kyle Wong, Lee Jin, Ogami Masaki, Awakened Yoo Mina, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Ramlethal Valentine, and Awakened Horizon.

Below you will find the details of Awakened Horiron's buff and bug fixes for Evelyn's skill and ultimate (guess after her recent Ban Level 4 in KR they checked her skills).

Evelyn Keller's special was bugged and wasn't providing allies with -15% DMG taken buff and only she was affected by it. Now it should work as described.

Her ultimate was also bugged and was giving 15% ATK instead of 10% - in this case, they changed the description to match what the skill was actually doing.

  • ATK increased by 16%.

Basic Attack
  • increased damage by 50%,

  • increased animations speed by 13%,

  • enhanced attack damage increased by 20%,

  • enhanced attack knockback strength increased from 1200 to 1700,

  • enhanced attack valid hits increased from 2 to 3.

Greatsword Elburj - passive
  • now she gains 3 seconds of immunity after an enhanced attack instead of 2.

Radiant Dash - special
  • 20% increased damage,

  • knockback strength increased from 400 to 1200,

  • knockup strength increased from 200 to 400,

  • retreat range after attack increased from 300 to 400,

  • increased valid hits from 2 to 3.

Over the Horizon - ultimate
  • decreased damage by 15%.

Her profile has already been updated with the changes.