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August roadmap for the Global server

Published Sunday, 31 July 2022

Check this post to find out what awaits Global players in August!

Above is the image showing the roadmap for August that was posted a few months ago, just before the release of the Global server. Still, this was a while ago and some of you might have forgotten about it, so let's go over everything that will be added to the game in August.

PC Client

Probably the most anticipated update that finally will allow Global players to play on their PCs without using emulators. Compared to the SEA server where the PC client is standalone, for Global, it will be released on Steam. Still, for now, we don't have any information about potential region restrictions or if you can use Steam Wallet to buy stuff in-game.

One thing is sure - you will be able to log in with your current accounts created on Android/iOS in the Steam client and continue playing there.

New story

Episode 6 will be released in August, allowing you to progress further in the story and it will reveal a lot of important information about the world. For lore-loving players, it will be a treat.

New modes

Two new modes will be released in Global next month:

Consortium Co-op Battle

In this mode, together with your guild, you fight against Bosses that get stronger and stronger as you keep killing them. To make the battles easier, you will have to collect Artifacts by attacking and defeating Arenas with normal monsters that rotate every season. But be aware! The Arenas have different restrictions, similar to Shadow Palace, so you will have to prepare different teams to conquer them.

We will soon release a guide for this mode.

Relic Dungeons

Relic Dungeons are the current endgame content in KR and SEA and it's super hard to clear, but it gives you great rewards in return. In Global, players will lack a lot of important characters that make clearing the hardest stages easier, so you will have to settle for the easier ones for now.

Check our guide for Relic Dungeons here.

New events

Three story events will be released in August:

  • Summer of Destiny is the summer event with skins that are considered among the best in the game by both SEA and KR communities,

  • Otherworldly Delivery Disaster is basically an April Fools event that gives free skins and allows you to buy more for Quartz,

  • Special Investigation is about hunting the Furball and it's an introduction to the School characters.

On top of that, there will be 100 days Anniversary event that will come with a 100 free pulls banner and other free stuff.

New operator - Moneka

Moneka is made to counter EVA-based teams in PVP, but the thing is, EVA isn't really that popular, and sacrificing the operator slot only because of that is pointless. Her skill also lasts only for 5 seconds and the duration doesn't increase even when you level it which makes it even more useless.

Even the addition of Perfect Evasion to the game which Sure Fire counters, wasn't enough to make her popular.

New awakened employee - Na Yubin

  • PVE: B

  • PVP (in Global): SSS

Awakened Na Yubin will be the awakened employee released in August and while he's great in PVP nowadays in SEA and KR and by many considered a must-pull, he's just average in PVE, so players who aren't really into PVP, can skip him.

His full review is very detailed so if you're interested in learning more about Na Yubin, check his profile.

New employees

Four new SSR employees and one SR employee will be added to the game in August:

  • PVE: SS

  • PVP (in Global): SSS

Ifrit is an extremely powerful Mech unit. She can do crazy amounts of damage which combined with her low cost and the ability to hit Air units allows her to shine in any PVE game mode.

It's already confirmed that Ifrit will be the first new employee released in August.

  • PVE: D

  • PVP (in Global): C

Estaque is a unique sniper that constantly attacks the furthest target in her range. Still, she moves very slowly and also it takes her a lot of time to dig in and deploy her cannon before firing, which makes her a bit tricky to use - even if the animation speed was buffed recently, it didn't help her much. Her attack speed also isn't that impressive leading to her DPS being on the low side compared to other 4 cost snipers.

  • PVE: S

  • PVP (in Global): B

Tarasque is a great SR rarity PVE unit. Just the fact that she debuffs 20% of DEF on her basic attacks with full uptime even with some ASPD debuffs for only 3 cost is already great, but the devs also slapped on a respectable amount of damage on it - and 3 valid hits, letting her clear waves of weak enemies if geared well.

Naielle Bluesteel
  • PVE: D

  • PVP (in Global): S / SS

Naielle is the Academy's greatest trash... which doesn't say much - because the only other trash from the Academy, Edith, is almost entirely useless. While she used to be a meta PVP pick for rush teams, a large array of anti-Striker and anti-buff (her invulnerability counts as a buff) units and operators have shown up to ruin her day. As for PVE, being a 4 cost striker without any utility or absurd damage gimmick isn't a good thing at all.

Mika ★ Star
  • PVE: D

  • PVP (in Global): C

Mika is a supporter/debuffer hybrid with a unique ability that lowers the max HP of all enemies, which translates to them receiving less healing. Mika's issue is that she tries to do too many things: debuff, buff, deal damage, and while she can do all those things the effects are much weaker compared to a dedicated character.

After her recent buff, she went from being bad in PVE and bad in PVP to niche in both modes. Sadly it wasn't enough to make her a meta pick anywhere.

New Battle Pass - Edith Twins

  • PVE: D

  • PVP (in Global): C

Edith Twins is cute but useless. That's the best to summarize her sadly. She's a Tower, which already puts her at a huge disadvantage because employees in that role can't move and usually have a gimmick kit. And in her case, the gimmick is actually terrible. When you first deploy her, she sits there sleeping and being useless and only when her HP falls below a certain threshold she wakes up, transforms, and honestly still does nothing.

She only really has two uses: first, in Challenge Mode Act 3 where you can use her against the Rhino (where she isn't even needed, by the way), and in the lobby, especially if you bought her skin because you won't see it anywhere else.

Recently she received a buff that stops the HP degradation once she reaches 20% HP, but then anything can kill her, so it changed nothing and she's still useless.

Also, while we currently don't have a roadmap for September, we can safely assume Yen Xing Lanchester will be released then as she appears alongside Naielle and Mika Star in the Special Investigation event.