KR Region

April update in the KR region

Published Thursday, 24 March 2022

Today's stream revealed a lot of information about next week's and month's updates. This includes new employees, skins, and balance changes!

Here's the summary of the stream. You can find it here if you want to watch it: YouTube link. If you want to watch the stream with live translation and notes, check this video on inFAMOUSJakey channel.

Friendly Match
  • UI and QOL changes,

  • matchmaking added,

  • possibly bans/ups too added too,

  • Raid UI rework,

  • Raid boss rework (will be harder),

  • new and better raid gear (T7),

  • season rewards for doing raids (including gear selection tickets, raid tokens, tuning/binary etc),

  • new furniture for Dorm (lab/workshop theme),

  • preset feature added to Dorms,

  • Dorm shop UI changes,

  • Dorm furniture preview before buying,

  • new 4-week pass that costs 1950 AC and as you consume Eternium you get Quartz and Dorm decoration,

  • no more skin rotation, they will be always available in shops,

  • three new skins added next week: Awaken Amy, Lee Jisoo, and Esterosa,

  • those all collab skins (made by MMM, a KR manga artist),

  • 4 genderswap skins also coming next month,

Juke Box
  • added a music player where you can pick any songs you want to play in the background as you play,

  • you can also change the music playing in the lobby,

  • you unlock songs as you clear the story or obtain certain units,

  • Fury mechanic will be updated to make the units using it stronger,

  • upcoming balance changes and they want to get them right after recent issues - to be added on 29/03,

  • but there's a much bigger balance patch coming (some characters who will get buffed were revealed in the previous post, but also Titan is on the list),

  • ships will get MDL soon (so like Defenders), but not every ship will get it or they will get different MDL values,

Next events
  • April Fools and Dorothy event coming next week,

  • 50 free pulls event in April (KR only),

New employees
From left to right:
  • Hosua

  • Dorothy - new SSR soldier who uses Fury - to be released on 29/03

  • Leah

Other stuff
  • daily support will be auto claimable and you won't have to login at certain times,

  • Challenge Mode maps will be spread through the week, not available every few weeks,

  • GG collab will not be rerun this year for sure,

  • they will add an option to farm more SR units,

  • Mech and Soldier rearms are considered, but it's tricky to do,

  • no plans to put Chulsoo squad into the story,

  • it's their dream to create an anime in the world of Counter Side,

Huge thank you to Day for the help with translating this stuff during the stream.