KR Region

April roadmap for the KR Region

Published Thursday, 31 March 2022

The next month's roadmap has just been revealed and it's full of surprises! New Rearms, new employees, and next Awakened Employee are going to be added to the game next month.

Well, I don't know why they used the word 'roadmap' this time, because only two days out of the whole month have new stuff in them. And the majority of it is coming closer to the end of the month.

New employees

There are five employees to be released in April. The one on the left side of the top image is Leah, the edel-like sword wielder that was spoiled in the stream recently. Here's her model:

We don't know Leah's class yet, but she's a Counter.

Next to her is a mystery employee that looks like uses trumpets. Shena's (the sniper who uses a violin) faction is called Elysium Philharmonic, and the next month's event is about her, so we can safely assume they are somehow related.

The two employees on the bottom image look like Kang Soyoung (pistol users are super rare in the game) and Joo Shiyoung (check the necklace). There's a high chance that both of them are Rearms, but it's also possible that one will be the next awakened employee - the roadmap is a bit vague about this, so we can't be sure.

The next Battle Pass employee is confirmed to be Mors. She appeared already during some of the events and it looks like we will be able to add her to our roosters soon.

Here's her full model:

New Ship

The ship's name is Chorus and we already have information about its type (Armored) and assumed kit (it's possible it will be changed before release).


Increase ASPD of all allies by 20%.


Creates a sound wave that deals damage to enemies and buffs allies within range, giving them 50% EVA and 1.5% HP regeneration per second for 10 seconds. Elysium Philharmonic employees gain 2.5% HP regeneration instead.


Fires a sound wave, dealing damage and decreasing enemies' HIT and ASPD by 50% for 10 seconds.

Thanks to Day and others from the discord for the help with translations and for providing some of the images.