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39th Developer notes - massive changes to the damage formula and stats!

Published Monday, 08 August 2022

This month's developers' notes bring a change to how the damage is calculated and how some of the less popular stats work!

Damage formula

The damage is currently calculated using a formula that takes into compares similar stats belonging to the defender and attacker, and depending on where a stat is placed in the formula, the end result can look totally different.

That's why we have decided to simplify the formula by grouping the stats into three categories and adding caps to them.

Here's what the current formula looks like:

Final damage = ( (1 - DEF%) * (sum of 1st Category stats + Role ADV DMG) * (DMG Reduction * DMG Reduction Penetration)) * HIT check * Special Skill DMG bonus * Ultimate Skill DMG Bonus * AOE DMG bonus * Extra stats * MDL

After simplification, the damage formula will look like this:

Final damage = { (1 - DEF%) * sum of 1st Category stats } * [sum of 2nd Category stats] * sum of 3rd Category stats * HIT check * Extra stats * MDL


  • Everything inside {} is capped at 80%,

  • Everything inside [] is capped at 50%,

  • True Damage: If the value inside {} is lower than 1, then it will set to 1,

  • Extra stats = Special stats used only in PVE, for example, DMG Reduction when there is a barrier,

  • CRIT chance is capped at 85%.

As you can see, stats like Special Skill DMG or Ultimate DMG bonus were applied separately in the old formula, but now they will be combined together in the 2nd category. The stats inside the categories will not interact with each other which will allow us to balance them better.

Here's what the Categories look like:

Category 1 - capped at 80%
  • Anti-Counter/Soldier/Mech DMG and DMG Res,

  • Anti-CO DMG and DMG Res,

  • Anti-Striker/Sniper/Defender/Supporter/Tower/Siege DMG and DMG Res,

  • Anti-Ground/Air DMG and DMG Res,

  • Anti-Ranged/Melee DMG and DMG Res,

  • DMG Tolerance,

  • DMG Increase Suppression,

  • DMG Increase Defense,

  • DMG RES Penetration,

  • DMG RES Suppression,

Category 2 - capped at 50%
  • AOE DMG Res,

  • DMG increase and decrease,

  • Skill DMG and DMG Res,

  • Ultimate DMG and DMG Res.

Category 3
  • Role Advantage / Disadvantage

CC Res rework

Before the update, the stat known as CC Res reduced the duration of various effects that can be considered Debuffs. Similar to Skill Haste, when CC Res reached 100%, it decreased the duration of a debuff by 50% instead. This is why CC Res wasn't really used by players because reaching 100% was nearly impossible without heavy investment and the returns were sub-par to other stats.

In order to make CC Res more impactful, we decided to implement a few changes:

  • instead of using a logarithmic formula to calculate the final CC Res value, we will use a summation,

    • the logarithmic formula has this issue that with higher investments, the returns are worse than with lower investments,

  • CC Res will have an 80% cap,

  • CC Res will not only reduce the duration of the Debuff but also its power.

Here's a comparison of the impact of the change:

  • 5% CC Res = 4.8% decrease before / 5% decrease after

  • 10% CC Res = 9.1% decrease before / 10% decrease after

  • 30% CC Res = 23.1% decrease before / 30% decrease after

  • 50% CC Res = 33.3% decrease before / 50% decrease after

  • 100% CC Res = 50% decrease before / 80% decrease after (cap)

Here's an example:

ATK Down debuff that reduces ATK by 50% for 10 seconds against a target with 50% CC Res.

  • Before: The duration would be reduced to 6.67 seconds (33% decrease),

  • After: The duration will be reduced to 5 seconds AND the ATK Down value would be reduced to 25% (50% decrease in duration and power).

Still, since the method of finding the final value of CC Res has changed to a summation, we will decrease the amount of CC Res you can roll on any gear piece. All gear pieces owned by players that have CC Res on them will be updated with the new values after the patch hits the servers.

Roughly, every instance of CC Res stat on existing gear will be decreased by 75%.

Healing Reflux changes

Healing Reflux is a unique effect that appears when the Healing Reduction debuff exceeds 100% and this causes any incoming healing to deal damage instead.

While Healing Reflux debuff can be applied by some units (like Awakened Seo Yoon), recently other units and operators appeared that could stack the Healing Reduction debuff high enough and apply the Healing Reflux in that way.

To keep the effect more in line and to balance it properly in both PVE and PVP, we decided to:

  • cap the Healing Reduction at 100%, so Healing Reflux can no longer be achieved in that way,

  • introduce a new stat - Healing Increase.

Healing Increase stat affects the amount of healing any Healing skills do, both on the caster and on other targets.

Safe zone changes in Gauntlet

The Safe Zone is the area behind the ship, where any incoming damage will be applied to the ship, instead of the units occupying it. While initially, the Safe Zone filled its function well, forcing the defensive side to respond to any attacks that reached the ship, in the last few months a few overpowered Tower units appeared (TXL, I'm looking at you - Antillar) that could abuse the Safe Zone mechanic.

That's why we increased the minimum distance a unit can be deployed and now they can't be placed in the Safe Zone anymore (but they can still be pushed back there via knockback).

In our internal testing, we noticed that so-called 'terror' decks that focus on rushing the ship perform way better after the Safe Zone change. We will continue to monitor their performance in the Gauntlet once the change goes live, and if they prove to be too strong, we will adjust the Safe Zone further.

Various improvements and changes

  • The formula that calculates the Combat Power of units and teams has been changed:

    • the rarity of the employee will affect the CP,

    • Rearmed and Awakened characters will have more CP than normal ones,

    • completed sets will increase CP,

    • Relic gear with good rolled stats will increase CP,

    • the CP for the whole team has been changed from average to sum.

  • Salary Negotiations have been simplified,

  • The amount of Gauntlet Points earned while fighting NPC battles has been changed from a fixed 75 GP to a variable value that increases when you fight stronger NPCs (starts at 30 GP and ends at 80 GP). Also if you lose against an NPC, you won't lose GP anymore,

  • The Auto-Battle option has been improved and you can specify if it should be auto in both Ranked and Strategy Battles or only in one of the modes,

  • Added a new enhancement module that instantly increases a T7 SSR item from +0 to +7,

Link to the Dev Notes: Nexon Forum.