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38th Developer Notes - strategy battle rework, system updates and new skins

Published Friday, 24 June 2022

This month's developer notes are pretty massive! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the read.

Here's the link to the Dev Notes in case you want to check them by yourself: Developer Notes 38.

Recent performance issues

First, we would like to apologize for the performance issues (increased loading times and crashes) that started to happen after the update at the end of May.

We had to upgrade the version of Unity that the game is running on because the official support for the previous version was ending. The upgrade affected basically every area of the game and while we worked tirelessly to optimize everything, a lot of issues only started to appear once we deployed the update to the live servers.

We're tracking all the bugs and issues and we will do everything we can to fix them.

Next update

The next game update is scheduled for 5th July and this update will mark the end of the first half of the year. Sadly, we weren't able to deliver everything we had promised.

The biggest thing that had to be pushed back is the new Cooperation Boss - we underestimated the amount of effort needed to design and play test a new boss and instead focused more on side-stories and new units. I know a lot of you waited for the Coop Boss to arrive, and we're sorry we weren't able to deliver it.

Here's the list of new things that will be added to the game this month:

Strategy Battle Rework

As we previously mentioned in the blog post regarding the survey results, we will remove the Draft PVP mode and instead focus on reworking the Strategy Battle mode that by many is considered dull and boring.

The biggest change is that now the attacking side can manually control its team, while the defending one will still operate on auto mode. Still, to balance things out as manual control gives way too big an advantage, the defending team will receive some buffs and perks - like increased recovery of deployment cost.

Here's the list of other changes:

Rank Points = points that affect your rank on the leaderboard. Gauntlet Points = the currency you use to buy items from the Gauntlet Shop - from Antillar.

  • the number of opponents from which you can choose one to attack was increased from 3 to 6,

  • losing the match as the attacker will cost you some Rank Points now;

  • losing the match as the defender will decrease your Rank Points but there's a daily limit of how many times it can happen to prevent you from losing all your points; also the amount of Rank Points lost after defeat is small at first, but increases with rank,

  • being on a winning streak will increase the amount of Rank Points you earn from each victory,

  • you can't gain Rank Points for a successful defense, but you will obtain Gauntlet Points instead,

  • you can take Revenge on your attacker if you've lost the battle and reclaim your Rank Points; the amount of times you can take revenge is limited per day.

Since those changes increase the difficulty of battles and not everyone will like them, we introduced NPC battles that are easier to beat and still award you with both Rank Points (to a certain rank) and Gauntlet Points (always).

We hope the new Strategy Battle will ignite the competitive spirit in those who don't like Real-Time Battles and they will enjoy it more than before.

Also, this is just the first iteration of the rework, and more changes - to the scoring and match systems - will be revealed soon!

New Stories

The main Episodes are always developed with a lot of effort and love, so our players can be immersed in the story as they follow their favorite characters in their struggles. However since Counter Side is an RPG game, and the main cast of characters remains mostly the same over the course of the story, it's pretty hard to introduce new characters and make them interesting and their motivations feel real.

This is why we plan to expand our side stories to show more of the characters and the world, and explore what happens between the major Episodes.

Episode 10 is on schedule to be released for the 2.5 Anniversary in August, but in the meantime, we will release more Side Stories featuring factions that didn't receive much spotlight yet, and also we will introduce new ones.

In the 5th July update, a new member from the Miracle Investigation Council 9 (Claudia and Cindy are part of it) will become the next battle pass character.

In the 12th July update, we will release the new Awakened unit which for the first time, will belong to the Soldier type. Yes, an Awakened Soldier is coming!

We had a lot of issues with picking an existing character from all the Soldiers to 'promote' him to Awakened status and instead we decided to introduce a new character instead - Curie. He (or she) will be released alongside the Iron Horseman Side Story that's part of this update.

Trophies and lobby

We received a lot of feedback about trophies cluttering the inventory, so we decided to create a new tab just for them!

Also, we've decided to increase the number of characters you can add to the lobby from 5 to 6!

Consortium Daily Check

To save you some time, we've removed the need to manually confirm your daily attendance. Now you will just need to access the consortium screen for it to happen automatically.

Improved Combat Visibility

As a part of the ongoing process to improve the visibility during battles we decided to add markings that will quickly tell you what status is affecting the units.

The effects are for (left to right):

  • dispell,

  • execution,

  • stealth detection,

  • immortality,

  • silence.

Yes, the dispell one is barely visible - it's hard to screenshot so check the gif instead.

Furthermore, you will be able to adjust the opacity of skill effects:

Balance Changes

The following characters will receive a buff in July:

  • Lucid,

  • Edith Twins,

  • Jaina Cropel,

  • Frederick Yuma,

  • Kaci Bins.

This time, instead of fully reworking the underperforming characters, we will instead do smaller changes and buff their stats/numbers on their skills.

New Operator - Replacer Rook

Replacer Rook will be released on the 5th of July. She will buff her allies by providing them with Perfect Evasion.

New Rearm - Han Sorim

Han Sorim is the next character to receive a Rearm and it will massively improve her anti-defender abilities

New Skins - School Theme

Two new School-themed skins will be released this month. The first one is for young Lee Sooyeon and the second is for Charlotte.

Other updates

We're slowly preparing ourselves for the upcoming 2.5 Anniversary in August. In addition to Episode 10, we will also release:

  • new summer skins,

  • new Awakened character,

  • the first Mech rearm.

Also, we would like to announce that Cecilia Shin has been promoted from NPC to a playable character and she will be released in September!

If you don't remember her, here's a reminder: