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37th Developer Notes - balance changes, new operator and skin

Published Friday, 29 April 2022

The latest developer notes give us details about the upcoming balance changes and reveal who will be the next operator added to the game.

Balance process improvements

Overall the president of studioBside went into detail about the process of balancing the game and translating everything would turn this blog post into an essay, so I will just summarize in a few points. There's a link to the balance manifesto at the end of the blog if you want to take a look at it yourself.

  • they received tons of feedback about rearmed employees being too strong and them breaking the game's balance in PVP. The two main culprits are Orca and the recently released Kang rearms,

  • a special team was created 2 weeks ago that began an investigation into the balance and overpowered employees in PVP and, moving forward, will test new employees, operators, and ships more thoroughly. Previously the team responsible for balance in the game was smaller, and that's one of the reasons why many mishaps happened. Bringing more eyes to look at the balance should help and fix any issues,

  • the release of the next rearmed employee will be postponed till the end of May as they want to focus on balancing existing employees first,

  • they don't really want to nerf rearmed employees, because using the recall system for them is a bit complicated due to the number of resources that goes into rearming an employee. That's why they want to adjust the overpowered rearms by tweaking them instead and giving something new while fixing the part that makes them too strong,

  • Abyssal Ravage Orca and Investigator Kang will be the two first employees to be changed in that way, and you can find the details below,

  • Kestrel Xiao Lin, Nestkeeper Xiao Lin, and Near Astraea Esterosa rearm will also be adjusted but at a later date,

  • as compensation 150 Fusion Cores will be sent to all KR players with the next update.

Balance changes

The changes will be introduced in the next update on the KR server.

Abyssal Ravage Orca
  • increased deployment cost from 3 to 4,

  • added 'recovers one deployment cost after being deployed' to the Leader passive,

  • removed the 2% passive HP regeneration in the Gauntlet from the Regenerator passive (so it will be just 1%).

This will bring Orca back in line with other Strikers, and she won't be the best Striker in the game anymore when talking about PVP. So to use her to her full potential now, players will be forced to Lead her. In PVE, she will still be a beast as the deployment cost isn't as important there.

Investigator Kang
  • changed to Fury type employee,

  • Where's the Location? passive level 10 upgrade reworked. Now instead of the skill dealing True Damage, Kang and the summoned Stronghold will be able to detect Stealth employees,

  • Requesting Support has no longer a cooldown and now required 15 Fury to be used; the damage was also reduced by 60%,

  • Requesting Support level 5 upgrade changed to decrease the Fury cost from 15 to 13.

The update will decrease the on-deploy power of Investigator Kang that allowed her to basically destroy any ship in under 10 seconds when combined with Rearmed Elizabeth.

Maestro Nequitia
  • DEF increased by 50%,

  • Movement Speed increased by 20%,

  • in the Gauntlet, the maximum value of the HP burn will be increased from 2% to 4% per second,

  • 'Can't be healed' effect removed from the Elysium Philharmonic passive. Instead any healing affecting her will be reduced by 50% now,

  • two new effects added to the ultimate Apocalypse: for 12 seconds after casting the skill, she will prevent enemies from casting ultimates and block them from receiving buffs.

New Operator

Moena, Monet's mom, will join the game as the new Operator! She will be added to the game next week.

Her skill - Mom's gonna be good!
  • Activation order: Striker > Ranger > Supporter

Instantly removes all buffs from enemies and for 8 seconds grants 24% DEF to ally employees with 1-4 cost and additional HP regeneration to ally employees with 1-3 cost.

New skin

Eins & Zwei will be getting a new summer skin - no release date yet, but here's what it will look like:

If you want to check its animated version, check the original post. Due to technical limitations, I can't post GIFS or videos on the website yet.

Link to the dev note: Nexon Forum.