KR Region

36th Developer Notes - balance and game changes

Published Friday, 08 April 2022

The latest developer notes give us details about the upcoming balance changes for a few employees, ship's MDL, and campaign update.

Balance changes

Mika ★ Star

Passive - Hypnosis
  • New effect added: Removes Sleep status on all allies on deploy,

  • The range of the buff is increased from 600 to 850,

  • The buff also affects her.

Special - Pencil Magic Trick
  • New effect added: damaged targets are Skill Sealed for 4 seconds (bosses excluded).

Ultimate - Did you see the Death Omen Star?
  • The 25% Crit DMG buff has been changed to 25% ATK buff.

Yamata no Orochi

  • HP increased by 8.3%,

  • Basic Attack range increased from 800 to 850

Special - Soul-destroying Storm
  • Range increased from 800 to 1200,

  • Damage of the skill increased by 13.2%

Ultimate - Wrath
  • Initial hit damage increased by 27.3%,

  • 2nd to 4th hit damage increased by 23.9%

Lee Jisoo

  • HP increased by 27.7%

  • EVA increased by 14.3%

Passive - Spell: Healing Prevention
  • Healing decrease debuff value increased from 75% to 90%,

Special - Seal: Annihilation
  • The 20% ATK debuff is replaced by 15% increased damage taken debuff,

  • Valid Hit value increased from 2 to 3.

Ultimate - Forbidden: Night of Curses
  • New effect added: gain 15% max HP barrier before and after casting the skill.

Other changes

Chess battle mode removal

The next update will remove all the chess battles from the Normal campaign, and they will be replaced by normal ones. As for the Hard campaign, the same thing will happen there, but a month later.

Ship MDL

All SSR ships will gain 20% MDL in the gauntlet in the next update.

Raid rework rollback

While the Raid game mode after the rework gives a better user experience and is more fun to play, the rewards were lowered. Because of that, they will revert part of the changes made that forced the player who discovered a raid to attack it to gain full rewards. After the rollback, the discoverer will receive full rewards as it was before.

Also, there were some issues with the Raid Seasons, and there will be further changes coming soon. As compensation the players in KR will receive 2x T7 Raid gear selector tickets.

New Exclusive Equipment

Horizon and Fallen Hawks factions are next in line to receive their EE.

Next employee

The employee to be released in the next patch is Leah (or Leon) - that's the girl wielding a sword made out of Edel remains (yes, you read it right). First, Dorothy used parts of Edel to make new boots for herself, and now we have this.

Hosua will be released after the Elysium event later this month (or even next month).

The Edel being dead and reused for new gear is a joke and not something that happened in the story in KR. Just wanted to clarify this.

Next awakened employee

They still have not revealed who will be the next awaken, but they hinted that she has a unique appearance and skillset.