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35th Dev Notes - new rearm and balance changes

Published Friday, 18 March 2022

The latest developer's note revealed that Miya will be the next rearmed employee! Also, Goliath is getting nerfed and some other employees will be buffed.

Balance Changes

  • damage multiplier on skills lowered by around 50%,

  • HP and DEF lowered by around 60%,

  • EVA lowered to 0,

  • HIT lowered to 0,

  • removed the bonus damage to Ships on the basic attack,

  • fixed a bug where Goliath couldn't hit some air units.

  • her 2% MDL will be nerfed, as she's really hard to kill in the Gauntlet.

Additional changes will be announced within 2 weeks. Also, you will be able to recall her as it happened with Millia.

Arhat Shiyoon
  • all his skills will be able to hit air units now (including counters).

Awakened Jake
  • all his skills will be able to hit air units now,

  • reduced the number of basic attacks needed to launch the Enhanced Attack from 4 to 3,

  • stun duration on Enhanced Attack increased from 1 to 2 seconds,

  • the duration of Skill Seal and Buff prevention on ultimate skill increased from 6 to 8 seconds.

Other employees that are confirmed to receive buffs next:
  • Mika Star

  • Orochi

Employees under review that can receive buffs if deemed too weak:
  • Draco,

  • Lucid,

  • Shena,

  • Lee Jisoo,

  • Jaina.

New Rearm

Miya will be the next employee to receive rearm. Sadly, we don't know any details about it yet, but the developers said that the rearm will strengthen her role as Sniper.

Here's her official art:

Link to the Dev note: Nexon forum