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31/08 SEA Patch Notes - Goliath and damage formula!

Published Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Goliath aka the speedrun nerf king joins SEA this week together with Twins skin, damage formula rework, and a lot of other changes!

31/08 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Attendance] Vice President's Special Bonus! (2022-08-31~2022-09-14 04:00)

  2. [Challenge] Innovation Setup Starts!

  3. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Goliath Probability UP!

  4. [Recruit] Sword Fighter, Lily, Estaque & Eins & Zwei Probability UP!

  5. [Shop] Eins & Zwei's Vacation Skin for Sale

  6. [Shop] Added Special Fusion Core Package, Classified Recruitment 5+1 Special Package & Assorted Binary Special Package.

[Optimization] A lot of stuff here, so check the in-game patch notes for details.

New employee - Goliath

The Mech that broke the PVP and changed the meta to anti-siege in merely a few hours after the release. Why? Not only it had around 180k HP when geared, which combined with high DEF made really hard to kill. But the biggest issue was the basic attack - it dealt a whooping 30% of the target's remaining HP over 1 second after hitting someone and for whatever reason the damage bypasses MDL. There are videos floating around with Evolved One simply dying in a few seconds after Goliath started pounding on her.

Still, the developers reacted quickly and, the same day released a statement that they were looking into the issue. One week later Goliath was nerfed and it looks like it may have been too harsh. Not only were its stats lowered drastically, but also the bonus damage to ships was removed. This basically made him a worse Rhino in PVP.

As for PVE, Goliath still needs testing, but a 5-cost super slow unit won't really make an impact there. Still, some players are using it in Replacer King Danger Close stage that was released together with Goliath.

Should you pull him? No.

New skin - Twins

The Twins are getting their summer skin! You can see it used as the blog cover.


As it was already announced, newbie missions will be reworked with this patch and you will have a chance to do them again and receive the new rewards (again).

Also, the damage formula rework that recently was implemented in the KR region will arrive in SEA with this patch already. Some characters were heavily impacted by the change and now that the new formula will be released in SEA, we will adjust the tier list.

To learn more about the formula change, check out our other blog post.

Other changes:

  • negotiations QOL improvement,

  • Strategy Battle adjustements - the main being:

    • The deployment resource recovery rate of the defending team in Strategy battles has been reduced from +27% to +15%.