SEA Region

30/03 SEA Patch notes - Lara Jaeger and Maze event rerun!

Published Tuesday, 29 March 2022

This week's patch brings us a new employee, Lara Jaeger, the Maze event rerun, a new Raid Boss, and also quite a lot of QOL changes.

30/03 Patch notes

  1. [Event] Event Episode: End of the Maze, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Challenge] New Challenge: Chloe's Gear Material Search Starts!

  3. [Supply Operation] Credit Operation - Profit Creation Starts!

  4. [Counter Case] Cases of Alphatrix Innovation and Zodiac Knights Unlocked! (Shin Jia, Kim Chowon, Lee Jin, Esterosa, Arius, Fione)

  5. [Dorm] Company Dinner Unlocked!

  6. [Attendance] Gear Enhancement Season Punch In! (2022-03-30~2022-04-19 04:00 UTC+7)

  7. [Consortium] Welfare System – Coalition Buff Unlocked!

  8. [BOSS] New Raid Boss – Inhibitor Arrived!

  9. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Lara Jaeger Probability UP!

  10. [Recruit] Operator Recruitment—Replacer King & Kim Hana Probability UP!!

  11. [Recruit] Sky Layfield, Arti Lana & Kaci Bins are added to the Normal Recruitment pool.

  12. [Shop] Devoted Case, Devoted Suit & Devoted Panel are on sale the Gauntlet Seasonal Shop!

  13. [Shop] Lifetime Contract Special Package and Fusion Core Special Package are coming back!


The list of fixes is quite big, so do check them in the game!

New Employee - Lara Jaeger

Lara is a 4 cost tower that's similar to ATAC-130, but while the mech patrols the sky, she drives around the battlefield with a huge smile on her face, evading all incoming attacks.

Her uses in PVE are rather limited because she's doesn't help the team in any way, and in PVP she fills the role of an anti-rush specialist. While for some time, she was a meta unit, with the release of Tower Xiao, her popularity has fallen quite a bit.

Should you get her? Not really. We already have rearmed Xiao, so her impact on the meta will be rather limited in our region.

Inhibitor Raid Boss

It's a new raid boss that's way harder than the current one, so get ready for a lot of tears and cursing while trying to beat him.

QOL and UI Changes

Basically, this is the stuff that was added in the KR region a few weeks ago. The Dining feature in the Dorm is pretty wholesome so try it for sure!