SEA Region

29/04 SEA Patch notes - QOL and balance changes

Published Thursday, 28 April 2022

It seems this week we will get two game updates instead of one, and this one revolves around QOL and balance changes that happened some time ago in the KR region.

29/04 SEA Patch Notes

New content
  1. [HQ] Jukebox is added to the CEO’s Office. You can listen to the game music anywhere, anytime!

  2. [HQ] Dorm Preset Unlocked!

  3. [HQ] Employee Interaction Feature! Arrange specific employees to live together in the dorm to trigger special interactions!

  4. [Operation] New Challenge: Academy Student Council Special Course!

  5. [Shop] Added Activity Pledge Package. Complete mission to get Quartz and SSR furniture!

  6. [Shop] Added Monthly Coin Charge Package I/II/III/IV and Weekly Coin Charge Package I/II.

  7. [Shop] Added Weekly Set Binary Package and Weekly Tuning Binary Package.

  8. [Shop] Added Weekly 2x Quartz Petite Package and 8000 Permanent Quartz Product.

  9. [Shop] Added SR Unit Data Custom Package.

Optimization and Balance Changes

Those two sections are pretty extensive, so for full info, please check in-game, or go to the official Facebook page for the details. Link here.

Here are the most important changes:

  • All skins are for sale permanently now,

  • Gear Preset QOL change,

  • World Map Raid seasons (we will get more rewards for doing raids),

  • Daily Resource Challenge Rotation,

  • Added 20% Max DMG Taken Limit to SSR ships (Rearmed Elizabat mains are crying in the corner right now),

  • buffs to Mika Star and Lee Jisoo - you can find the details here or check their profile pages as we updated them already.

Overall, it's everything that was added in the KR region in the last month. So we're now up to date with their client and UI changes.