KR Region

28/03 KR patch notes - a lot of new stuff!

Published Monday, 28 March 2022

This week's patch notes in the KR region deserve their own blog post. There's Raid UI rework, new T7 gear, jukebox, and much more!

New employee - Dorothy

She's a Soldier Sniper who is a Fury user and focuses on buffing allies. Check her full kit here.

Balance changes

  • 2% MDL on her passive has been changed to 4% MDL,

  • she changes into her Striker form after 15 seconds instead of 20 seconds,

  • the cooldown on her ultimate lowered from 46 seconds to 43 seconds.

This should be enough to resolve the issue with her stalling the PVP games for way too long due to being nearly unkillable while she's in her Tower mode.

Similar to Goliath, players who bought the Battle Pass will be able to exchange one copy of her for nearly any other SSR in the game (GG collab, Orca, and John Mason excluded).

New Event - Strange Cuisine

This is the April fool's event which has its own shop with free skins, emotes, and other goodies. You will also be able to buy all the previous year's skins and three new ones - all cost Quartz.

SEA region should get the same event this week - and it's already confirmed that the JPN region will receive it too.

Dorm updates

Basically, it's everything that was announced last week during the stream:

  • added the ability to save presets for rooms,

  • added new furniture that grants the ability to select background music that plays in the dorm,

  • added a new set of filters to the furniture - theme.

Jukebox System

The Jukebox allows you to select the music playing in the lobby and during browsing the app! Some of the songs won't be unlocked and you will need to progress through the story or events to acquire them.

Raid Rework

The Raid system was in a dire need of an update since the gear that players were able to obtain became obsolete after Shadow Hall and Relic Dungeons were released. Here's the list of all changes that should make it great again:

Added Raid Seasons

Now you will be able to earn additional rewards for clearing Raids. Points are earned in two ways: for discovering the raids and for attacking and clearing them.

Raid Boss rotation

Each season will feature a different boss and for the first one in the KR region, it will be Bitra. Still, his Nightmare versions (110 level and higher) have been buffed and now his stats are better, and also his behavior was adjusted, so it will be harder to kill him.

Raid UI improvements

Now you will be able to check who did the damage and who killed the boss in your raids.

Raid Support

Players who finished the whole season and obtained all rewards will be able to help others with killing raids without consuming INFO. They will be able to damage the raid and but they won't kill it.

New Raid gear

Now you will be able to obtain and craft T7 gear using a new type of Molds. They will give a better chance to obtain the new Relic T7 gear.

Some of the old mats (Special Gear Core) will be removed from the game and players will be compensated according to the number of them they had in their inventories. The removal is needed because the new Molds don't require them anymore.

Here's what the new T7 Raid gear will look like. Overall its stats are much better than T5/T6 Raid gear and comparable to other T7 Relic gear (for example approx. 20% CRIT DMG can be rolled per piece, so Xiao Lin fans should be happy as she will get new toys to play).

Gear Preset changes

Basically, this is just a QOL update as the gear presets will be split into pages now - 20 presets per page and not 100 at once, which created a lot of issues for users to manage.


Now in the shop, all skins will be available at all times, so you will no longer have to wait for an event to buy the skin you want.

Link to the patch notes: Nexon Forum

As usual, the changes in this patch should be added to SEA and other regions in 2-4 weeks.