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27/04 SEA Patch notes - Episode 7 and Arhat Shiyoon!

Published Tuesday, 26 April 2022

The long-overdue Episode 7 and Arhat Shiyoon are here! Check the post for this week's patch details.

27/04 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] Main Stream EP.7 Unlocked!

  2. [Operation] Vice President's Holidays Event Episode (Postscript) and Event Missions Unlocked!

  3. [Attendance] Company Reinforcement Season Punch In! (2022-04-27~2022-05-11 04:00)

  4. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Arhat Joo Shiyoon Probability UP! Contract Mission Unlocked!

  5. [Recruit] Normal Recruitment—Lucrecia Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] Dracasia Added to Normal Recruitment Pool

  7. [Shop] Added Joo Shiyoon Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol. 1, 2 &3

Arhat Shiyoon banner

Arhat Shiyoon is a counterattacking monster that can survive quite a beating thanks to the 100% evasion on both his Special and Ultimate. His base stats are pretty crazy: 70k hp, 1.1k def, 840 eva, and 1.2k crit at level 110 ungeared. His Perfect Evasion buff paired with DMG Tolerance makes him one of the tankiest Strikers in the game and only the lack of MDL separates him from the best Defenders.

All his attacks have good range, including the basic attack that easily reaches behind enemy defenders and strikes the squisher rangers/supporters hiding behind them.

In PVE he's very similar to A.Yuna and can carry your team in Shadow Palace because there are a lot of Counter type units that can be countered (and skills are the biggest problem in SP5). He's also a good choice for Dives and some Danger Close bosses (like Soli where you often use normal Shiyoon). In endgame PVE content, he's commonly used in Dive 50 and in two out of the three Relic Dungeons, which makes him a good endgame choice for the tanky frontline spot that messes up with bosses by countering them.

The initial tests show that he's strong in PVP (he can even counter ETB skills from A.Mina/ALSY), but at the same time, there are multiple ways to counter him. He totally sucks against E1 teams and employees who can remove buffs (he's heavily reliant on them to survive). You can also drop a bait employee behind him to force out his counterattack and make his skills attack the other way, saving your team in the process. Against counter teams, he needs someone to peel for him because Ifrit/Millia can melt him with their absurd DPS despite him having great stats and perma-evasion.

Also, if two Arhat Shiyoon fight against each other, the first one to counter-attack usually loses, so it's a game of baiting the other Shiyoon's counterattack.

Overall, Arhat Shiyoon is a strong employee with exploitable weaknesses and is considered a balanced employee by the KR community.

Should you pull him? He's worth it.

Also, his release video is the most-watched one in the history of the KR server. If you haven't seen it yet, check it here.

Lucrecia banner

Lucrecia is an Air Ranger who keeps her allies alive and debuffs enemies at the same time. Her kit is great for PVE, but in PVP there are quite a lot of characters that can remove buffs - like Yen Xing or Serina operator.

In PVE she allows you to cheese some stages with the Immortality buff, but it requires manual gameplay to deploy her at the right moment. Still, even if you use her on auto, the debuffs she provides are really good.

As for PVP. She's squishy, but being an air unit she can stay in the back safely. The immortality buff she gives can change the flow of the battle and for a 3 cost unit, she deals scary amounts of damage.

Should you pull her? Yes!