SEA Region

26/01 SEA patch notes - huge update!

Published Tuesday, 25 January 2022

A huge update awaits us this week. Chinese New Year missions (and skins) and Bottom of the Shade event will start tomorrow!

26/01 New Content in SEA

  1. [Operation] New Event Episode: Bottom of the Shade! Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Event] New Year’s Good Luck Pouch Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  3. [Ship] New Ship Lucky Dragon Released! (Can be obtained from Lunar New Year’s event)

  4. [Attendance] Good Luck 2022 Punch In! (2022-01-26~2022-02-09 4:00)

  5. [Skin] Lunar New Year’s Skins Released! (Xiao Lin & Gaeun)

  6. [Skin] Permanent Skins Released! (Nanahara Chifuyu, Arius Esquede & Fione Lowell)

  7. [Background] Lunar New Year’s Background: Snowy Garden & Red Boudoir Released!

  8. [Background] Permanent Background: Hot Spring Released!

  9. [Voice Language] Japanese Voice Is Here! (Only available for some characters and skins)

  10. [World Map] Shadow Palace #5 Unlocked!

  11. [Operation] New Challenge—Chloe’s Credit Search!

  12. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Rita Arsenico Probability UP!

  13. [Recruit] Veronica, Mone, Lycoris & Ifrit Probability UP!

  14. [Recruit] Operator Anastasia & Olivie Park Probability UP!

  15. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

  16. [Shop] Added Loyal Season Gear to Gauntlet Shop (50% off during the Loyal Season)

  17. [Shop] Added New Year’s Skin Package, New Year’s Special Package, New Year’s Package Step 1, 2 & 3

  18. [Shop] Added Eternium Special Package & Lifetime Contract Special Package

  19. [Shop] Added Small x1.5 Admin Coin Package & Medium x1.5 Admin Coin Package

Bottom of the Shade event

Rita Arsenico and Dash are here! Their story is one of the favorites of the KR community because... Well, I won't spoil it and you will have to play it yourself!

Shadow Palace 5

The hardest Shadow Palace floor is here! Get ready your Ohio ship as it will make your life much easier on that floor.

New Skins

Those two skins will be available to buy for a limited time, but also the permanent shop will receive an update and we will receive the three missing skins:

New employee - Rita Arsenico

Rita is a flying supporter that just like Regina has a grudge against Mechs. She's one of the best characters to counter Mecha teams in PVP and is crucial in the new Dive 48-50 where you have to fight against The Evolved One and other Mechs. You can also use her with great success in Shadow Palace floor 4 (which is called the Mech floor) or in future chapters of Challenge Mode.

Still, she's also good against any other teams in PVP because of her massive damage - in one of the recent balance patches, her ATK was increased by roughly 30% - which combined with the True Damage passive makes her one of the strongest damage-dealing Supporter employees in the game that often can one-shot weaker enemies.

Is she worth pulling? Yes. If you still hadn't cleared Dive 50, she will help you there. For PVP, she's also one of the best Supporters in the game.

New employee - Dash

Dash is a PVE-only unit that shines in Raids, Guild Coop, and Danger Close because of all the debuffs she provides and because of being a sniper - all those operators with sniper employee required in their skill trigger order love her.

Is she worth pulling? You don't need to! She's a freebie employee you can get from the event.

New Ship - Lucky Dragon

It's an event ship, similar to the limousine - you can check it here.

JPN VA is here!

Well, the KR region received it just this week and we're also instantly getting it. That's honestly a surprise.

Overall this week's update in KR was a pretty huge one and we will see tomorrow if the other changes will be added too with the update - including Battle Skip, Eternium refund, Dorm updates, etc.

On another note. All the new employees released today in the KR region are already added to the site, so go check them out!