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24/11 SEA Patch notes

Published Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Patch notes arrived early this time and brought us a lot of good stuff! Lily, the sleepy maid, joins us in her Battle Pass and the shop will be filled with Black Friday offers.

24/11 New Content in SEA

  1. [Counter Case] Unit Data—Maria Antonov Unlocked!

  2. [Operation] New Challenge—Chloe's Info Search!

  3. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Lily!

  4. [Attendance] Lucky Happy Friday! (2021-11-24~2021-12-08)

  5. [Recruit] New Operator Recruitment—Moneka Probability UP!

  6. [Skin] All Skins (except Wedding March 2021) Returned!

  7. [Shop] Added Black Friday Premium Skin Custom Package and Black Friday Rare Skin Custom Package

  8. [Shop] Added Black Friday 3x Quartz Package, Black Friday Fusion Core Package Step 1-3, Black Friday Classified Employment Package Step 1-3, Black Friday Tuning Binary Package, Black Friday Set Binary Package, and Interior Set Package Additional 20% Off

  9. [Buff] Higher Dispatch Mission Success Chance +20% (24 hours 11/25~11/30)

New Battle Pass - Lily

The missing maid is here! Lily loves throwing grenades at the enemies forcing them to take a nap. We already reviewed her, so just go here to check her profile: Lily's Profile

New Operator - Moneka

The blonde-haired beauty is the newest operator in SEA, but sadly she's similar to Edith - cute but useless. You can check her ability and review here: Moneka's Profile

Black Friday Calendar

Here's a screenshot of the Black Friday Calendar: