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24/08 SEA Patch Notes - Awakened Shin Jia and Raphaela are here!

Published Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Awakened Shin Jia finally arrives in SEA, but she's not alone! Raphaela Juri, Rearm Miya, and Rearm Kang arrived with her!

24/08 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] Event Episode: Proof of Heart, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Side Story] Sigma - Left Behind Alone is back! Complete the hard mode to get Unit Data ATAC-130 Gunship!

  3. [Rearmament] Miya & Kang Soyoung Rearmament Unlocked!

  4. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Raphaela Juri!

  5. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Singularity Shin Jia Probability UP! Contract Mission Unlocked!

  6. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Replacer King & Replacer Queen Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Operator Recruitment—Replacer King & Olivie Park Probability UP!

  8. [Recruit] Nicole & Carlota Added to Recruit-on-Demand Banner!

  9. [Recruit] Momo Added to Operator Recruit-on-Demand Banner!

  10. [Shop] Dangerous Lab Interior Set for Sale!

  11. [Shop] Added Shin Jia Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol. 1, 2 & 3.

  12. [Shop] Added Basic Training Growth Package, Advanced Training Growth Package, Salary Negotiation Growth Package & Weekly Resource Package.

  13. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

New awakened employee - Singularity Shin Jia

Awakened Shin Jia, the tinkerbell, is a pretty great employee that specializes in buffing allies' damage output and making them harder to kill. While her special/passive locks the furthest target in sight, her sight range is actually pretty low and will most likely target frontlines. Still, this effectively disables them for 10 seconds as they are stunned for the first 5 seconds before getting sealed. Despite that, she's still a pretty great pick in the Gauntlet.

Her main usage in PvE is the massive ATK% buff that and the 10% shields she generates - up to 3 times per special skill, allowing the team to survive much longer. Her ultimate is a burst heal that also duplicates the current special skill's buff onto everyone in field. This makes her top tier anywhere where you're racing against the time: Raids, Danger Close, even Event stages.

However, she does require some practice to use if you want to make the most out of her since her special has limited range - most of the time not reaching the long range snipers, and her ultimate will give the lowest buff is casted at the wrong timing.

Should you get her? She's one of the best buffers in the game for PVE, but requires proper usage.

New Battle Pass - Raphaela Juri the Evil Chaser

Raphaela is an employee really similar to Janus, because she's two in one - when you deploy her, she's a Tower that has 4% MDL (Maximum Damage Limit, which makes her really hard to kill - normally, the stat is only available on Defenders) and pretty high base stats for 3 cost unit, but when her HP drops she transforms into a Striker that chases enemies.

When she was first released, the MDL value was 2%, and this made her basically unkillable when she was in Tower mode, and just her addition to the game increased the average length of PVP matches by 10% and was nerfed two weeks later.

Honestly, she is still pretty broken after the changes. She has pseudo-forward deploy (spawns slightly further than where you place her, like A.Mina), allowing her to easily attack the backline with her absurd hitstun and damage. When she transforms into striker mode, she is pretty much unkillable with her MDL and her ultimate is a massive nuke that is 50% charged upon transforming.

As for PVE, she has some uses but requires manual play, or else she just sits at the back for 15 seconds.

Should you buy the BP? Yes! Raphaela will be a nightmare in PVP that will slow down the meta.

New rearm - Best Streamer Miya

Best Streamer Miya is basically Miya on steroids. She's one of those Rearms that didn't drastically change compared to the base version - her offensive capabilities have significantly improved, but she also inherited all the downsides of her base version - she's still squishy, and Kang loves to drive her car into her, and her ult also can be easily interrupted by Lily or other backline attackers.

The issue with her base kit's passive was that it took too long to charge up and it wouldn't apply the buff when it matters; the rearm version fixes it by always applying the passive buff during ultimate. Also, her skill has been improved to more reliably punish offending units by utilizing Sure Fire and stun.

And for the main part of the kit, her ultimate, has been reworked. The valid hit was reduced from 4 to 3, which means a single awakened defender can now absorb the valid hits, but to compensate for it, the charge time has been improved and she now fires all the 3 shots in quick succession.

In PVP, she needs a team built around her to protect her, stalling as much time as possible for her to charge up her ultimate, and if done right she can take out a huge chunk of the enemy's ship's hp while causing ruin to their battle formation.

Should you rearm her? If you want to have fun in PVP, sure, but she's not really that good.

New rearm - Investigator Kang

Rearmed Kang broke the PVP meta on release - her on deploy damage was so strong, that you only needed her and Rearm Elizabeth to instantly kill any SSR ship in the game. The Gauntlet turned into a siege meta and those who had more luck on crits usually won the battle.

Still, the developers reacted fast and nerfed Kang by removing the True Damage on her deployment and turning her into a Fury user. Now she's an upgraded version of the base Kang that excels at killing Snipers - not only her damage is still strong, but she also gained Seal Skill and Debuffs.

Should you rearm her? Yes! She's an upgrade to the base Kang.