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22.06 Global Patch Notes - Old Fear Event!

Published Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The Old Fear event is here and with it, Edel, Regina, and River join the employees available for you to use!

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: 23rd of June Patch Notes.

New Event - Old Fear

By many, this event is considered one of the best story-wise, so make sure to play through it! You can also obtain a free SR unit, Rivet from it - you can read more about her further down the blog post.

Here's a sneak-peak for the shop that comes with the event:

The event will last for two weeks:

  • 23rd of June, 2022 16:00 ~ 7th of July, 2020 04:00 (UTC+9)

New employee - Edel Meitner

The cutest Demon Lord, Edel, is a very newbie-friendly employee that doesn't require much gear to do her job - carrying you in Shadow Palace, Story, and various events. Why is she so strong there? Two things: one is that her passive massively boosts her damage against Soldiers and C.O.s, and those two groups are the most commonly met enemies in PVE. And the second reason is that she summons little monsters from the bodies of slain enemies that rush toward the frontline and help you a lot with absorbing skills used by enemies.

As previously mentioned, she especially shines in Shadow Palace as there both her bonus damage and the summons absorbing skills makes it much easier to clear it. Still, in any other PVE mode, she's nothing more than average or slightly above average - Xiao Lin just deals way more damage, and she's the better 4-cost Sniper.

As for PVP. She's only good against Soldiers, and while you can use her and pray to meet a Soldier main to force him to cry as he watches his own Soldiers die painfully against any other deck, she will be useless.

Should you pull on her?

She isn't really a must-pull now because Shadow Palace won't be released until July, and then the Global server will get Awakened Yuna - and she's the superior Shadow Palace carry. Still, Awakened Yuna is an awakened employee and requires Black Tickets to pull, so not everyone will be able to get her, and in that case, without Edel, you will have a really, really bad time in Shadow Palace - the gear you can farm in that mode is still BIS for a lot of characters even now in SEA and KR.

Furthermore, next month's banners don't have must-pull employees for F2P players that don't try hard in PVP:

  • Serapel can be skipped if you prefer to use Lee Yumi as your main tank, but be aware that it's safer to have both for PVP as they are the go-to tanks so when one gets banned, you are forced to use the other one. Also in PVE Serapel works better with crappier gear than Lee Yumi and she provides the team with more utility than her,

  • Harab is just a PVP unit and is useless to you in PVE,

  • Alex is a good Striker, but Chifuyu exists and overshadows her in PVE; in PVP there are also better choices.

So while we just wrote that Edel isn't a must-pull, you will have over a month to save your Blue Tickets for Ifrit, who comes in August and who you don't want to miss. So even pitying Edel now won't hurt you in the long run, and she will help you a lot in Shadow Palace.

Also, be aware that Edel commonly appears in Free Pull events, so she might randomly surprise you there - she should be available on the 100th-day free pull event in August.

TL;DR - Pull Edel because she will be a great addition to your team and help you in the upcoming Shadow Palace. You will still be able to save for Ifrit, who is the next true must-pull employee.

New employee - Rivet

Rivet, the cute murder-bunny, specializes in murdering C.O and Counters. She's like a Ranger version of Edel, but not that good as her sadly. Her damage is pretty okay for a 2-cost SR rarity employee, but she doesn't really help her team in any way.

While you can use her in PVE with great success, sadly in PVP there are better Soldier Rangers you can bring to the battle. Which is kinda sad, because her bonus damage to Counters has a lot of potential, sadly she's just too weak stat-wise to matter.

Also, she's a limited employee - you can only get her during the ESPR event.

Should you get her?

She's free, so why not. You can easily 110 her if you farm the event.

Still, don't invest in her as she's already powercrept by Admin Rifleman.

New Battle Pass - Regina MacCready

Regina is a Supporter that hates Mechs, and to fight them, she trained all her life to become a Defender instead. Her debuffs make any Mech enemies cry because she can constantly stun them and drastically lower their stats. That's why she shines in Shadow Palace 4th Floor where Shadow Janus and tons of enemies are Mechs. Sadly, her hatred runs so deep that she's close to useless against non-Mech enemies.

In PVP, she's also too niche and requires great gear to perform well.

Should you buy her Battle Pass?

Despite Regina being a pretty niche employee, all the materials you get in Battle Pass make it worth buying it.

As for her impact on the PVP meta, initially, she won't be good because Mechs aren't really meta yet, but when she is upped, she is borderline broken.

New Login Calendar

50 Free Recruit Event

To add to our 30 days celebration, we also bring you the 50 Consecutive Free Recruits event!

Please note that to participate in this event, you have to have cleared the Main Stream Episode 1!

The event gives 5 pulls a day for 10 days and don't be fooled by the employees visible on the banner - you will be able to pull every SSR and SR unit available in the Global server from it (not including Edel or Regina as they are not yet in the generic pool).

New PVE Mode - Danger Close

Danger Close will become available on the 30th of June!

In Danger Close, you compete with the whole server in killing a pair of bosses as fast as you can.

Be aware that our current guide is a bit outdated as Danger Close received a rework pretty recently in the SEA server and we were still testing it. Still, the guide will be updated in the next few days! Stay tuned for more info.