SEA Region

22/03 SEA patch notes - Spring Missions and new Rearms!

Published Tuesday, 22 March 2022

A bit quieter week awaits us in the SEA region with Spring missions and two new rearms added to the game - Elizabeth and Laura!

22/03 New Content in SEA

  1. [Event] Spring Celebration Project Mission Unlocked!

  2. [Attendance] Spring Picnic Souvenir Punch In! (2022-03-23~2022-04-06 04:00)

  3. [Operation] New Challenges: Let’s Go, ARS! & Anastasia’s Supply Maintenance!

  4. [Employee] Elizabeth/Laura Rearmament Unlocked!

  5. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment— White Rabbit (Yang Harim, Han Sorim, Cho Hojin) & Flora Maid Service (Veronica, Mone, Lycoris) Probability UP!

  6. Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Awakened Seo Yoon & Na Yubin Probability UP!!

  7. [Recruit] Lee Yuri Added to Normal Recruitment Pool!

  8. [Shop] Added Small/Medium/Large x1.5 Admin Coin Package

  9. [Shop] Added Tuning Binary Special Package, Set Binary Special Package & Info Special Package

  10. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

  11. Gauntlet] Devoted Season Starts! (2022-03-28~2022-05-29)

Spring Missions and Calendar

The event was recently run in the CN and JPN servers, but there are two versions of it: one has only missions, the other event stages + shop. At this moment we can't be sure which version SEA will receive, but here's the shop:

I'm hoping we will get the shop too because Esterosa shards are one of the best rewards ever in any shop.

New Rearms

Blue Blood Elizabeth

Blue Blood Elizabeth is a great upgrade to the base version that finally makes her a meta pick, especially in PVP. Due to her skills getting higher modifiers, a full ATK-build Rearmed Elizabeth can one-shot SR ships like Abraham and deal over 50% damage on deploy against SSR ships.

This is possible because the upgraded Elizabeth can attack the whole battlefield (the base one can only attack 3/4). To be honest, this is kinda broken and some KR players aren't happy with the lottery gameplay that sometimes loses you battle in the first 10 seconds.

Also, Perfect Evasion allows her to live long enough to deal damage and kill her enemies.

Is she worth rearming? If you like PVP, yes.

Purple Mist Laura

Purple Mist Laura takes the kit of her normal version and massively improves it, making her a beast in PVP. Not only her cat, Pluto, is nearly unkillable now, but also her debuffs that affect the whole battlefield make using employees that rely on Crit and ASPD a lot weaker.

This combined with her 3 cost, makes her an auto-include pick for a lot of teams in PVP, because you just need to drop her at the back and she will do her job.

The rearm also made her better in PVE, especially the ability to Seal Skill will make her a good choice for Shadow Palace, and the debuffs might come in handy in some harder stages.

Is she worth rearming? If you like PVP, yes.