SEA Region

22/02 SEA Patch notes - huge patch!

Published Tuesday, 22 February 2022

This week we're getting a huge patch with Awakened Amy, Time Attack mode, Friendly PVP, Ban Voting and tons of quality changes, including Skip Battle!

22/02 New Content in SEA

  1. Gauntlet] Friendly Match Starts!

  2. [Operation] New Event Episode - Time Attack Unlocked!

  3. Operation] New Challenges—Innovation Setup, Old Administration Training Method, Anastasia's Supply Maintenance!

  4. [Dorm] Interaction of Some Furniture Unlocked! (Normal interaction currently only applies to Yoo Mina)

  5. [Attendance] Fusion Core Festival Punch In! (2022-02-23~2022-03-15 4:00)

  6. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Six Wings: Amy Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Lyudmila, Alex & Machine Collector Probability UP!

  8. [Shop] Added Small/Medium/Large x1.5 Admin Coin Package

  9. [Shop] Added Amy Release Celebration Special Package Vol. 1, 2 & 3

  10. [Shop] Added Fusion Core Special Package

  11. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!


  1. Added acquisition sources to the item info page. Tap to redirect to the relevant operation or shop.

  2. Optimized the battle statistics interface. The number of kills is displayed.

  3. Optimized This Week's Bans of Gauntlet Ranked battles. Players can vote for the bans.

  4. Optimized the Operator skill transfer feature. A confirmation page will appear when high-level Operators transfer skills to low-level Operators.

  5. Increased Quantum Coords Crystal maximum holding from 3 to 7.

  6. Optimized the furniture selling policy, adjusting the selling price and environment points of some furniture.

  7. Optimized the feature of Skip Battle and Stack Operation.

  • Added a Skip Battle feature to Supply Operation, Event Operation and Side Story

  • Skip Battle only applies to operations that you completed with 3 medals.

  • Skip Battle and Stack Operation no longer cost Info.

  • Removed Stack Operation and Repeat Operation from the Battlefield.

  • Changed the return rate of Eternium after losing a battle or leaving the game from 50% to 90%

  • Adjusted the maximum number of Skip Battle and Stack Operation to 99

Amy Firstwing banner

Crazy Amy is here! Here's her review:

Amy the Bringer of Whale Tears - that should have been her name. Her confusion ability broke the PVP balance and pushed the KR community to review bomb the game. Still, Nexon quickly responded and she received a rework - while the confusion mechanic was removed, she gained instant death instead which is another broken mechanic, but for sure a lesser evil compared to confusion.

Since her power lies in her on-deploy ability, if you use her on auto-battle mode, she will be just another damage dealer. And for 6 cost there are way better employees you can use instead. She's also not that used in the endgame. Her damage is still good though and if you're forced to manual some stages, she will be a good addition to the team, but only that.

After her rework, her rating fell quite a lot, but now after Awakened Mina was buffed and gained Perfect Evasion, she's back in the meta. The Surefire effect on her special allows maker her a perfect counter to Perfect Evasion and because the developers seem to be slapping the buff on a lot of new units, she might become a must pick soon.

Still, keep it in mind that against other enemies, her strength lies in her on-deploy ability, but if you miss it or time her deploy wrong, you've basically wasted 6 cost for nothing.

Should you pull on her? If you love PVP, you have to. For PVE players, she's a skip.

Friendly PVP

Friendly PVP is finally here! Now you can challenge your friends and test your employees in PVP environment.

Ban Voting

Well, Replacer King and others now should be afraid, because every week you can pick three employees you would like to see banned and this will affect the weekly ban list!

Time Attack Mode

This new mode is a pretty challenging one, but the rewards here are purely cosmetic since you get new furniture and badges for your dorm only.

Old Admin Challenge

You can get Alex, Lyudmila, Young Na Yubin, and Young LSY EE from this challenge. All of them, besides Alex, are Weapons.

Alex's one has ASPD as fixed top stat, Lyudmila has Skill Haste there. LSY EE is the weakest one, because it gives Ranged Damage Reduction, but Na Yubins gear increases his Special Skill Damage, which makes him an even better damage dealer.

Fusion Core Festival

If we're getting the same Festival as TW and KR, then this calendar should give a whooping 75 Fusion Cores, so make sure you log in daily to get all the rewards!

QOL Changes

Well, there's a ton of them, but basically, it's what the KR region received for the second anniversary and what was described in this blog post.

Skip Battle is especially worth noting because now you will be able to instantly finish the battles and it won't cost info anymore. This should drastically improve the time you have to spend on doing dailies or farming overall.