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21/07 Global Patch Notes - End of the Maze event!

Published Wednesday, 20 July 2022

The End of the Maze event is here! And with it comes Lyudmila Battle Pass and Alex!

Maintenance schedule: 21st of July, 2022 16:00 ~ 19:00 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: 21st of July Patch Notes.

End of the Maze event

The End of the Maze event introduces some fan-favorite characters - both gameplay and story-wise. In the event, you will follow the story of Lyudmila and Alex! More about them further down this post.

The event comes with its own missions and login calendar, but also a shop where you will be able to get your hands on a Maze Counter unique set, so be sure to fully clear it!

The full list of rewards is available in the official post, so if you want to check them in detail, go there.

New Battle Pass Employee - Lyudmila

Lyudmila is a long-range flying Sniper who feeds on her own teammates to make herself stronger. She is very squishy, but thankfully she is an Air type, and also her range is pretty good, so she can stay safe in the backline rather easily.

Her basic attacks lock her onto a target, much like Sobin's, and do great damage with a fast attack speed, while her skill and ult stall the enemy very well by throwing them far away. Also, she is a versatile employee that can be used in great synergy with many other units because of her passive: when you use her with Counters, her CRIT will shoot through the roof; when you use her with Soldiers, her ATK will bolster her already great damage (that ignores Ground Res in PVP, by the way); Mechs do not increase her offensive ability, but make her able to take a hit thanks to the barriers she gets when a Mech ally dies.

In PVE, you normally do not want your employees to die, so her passive there is harder to stack, but she still has a great amount of single target DPS and strong crowd control. She shines in Shadow Palace (especially floor 3 where Air teams have an easier time), Dive 48-50, and Challenge Act 4-8 vs Harab among other content that needs Air units, long-range attackers, or a lot of CC.

In PVP, she is great for teams that like to stay at the base because of her stalling capability that comes with a great deal of damage, but unfortunately for her, the best Anti-Air Employee in the game exists in the same event that she comes from.

Should you buy the Battle Pass? YES! She will help you in upcoming PVE content and also will become a staple in PVP, temporarily replacing Xiao Lin as the best Sniper in the game for PVP.

New Employee - Alex

Alex is a berserker-type unit that gets stronger the lower her HP gets. She also has an ability to increase her max HP which works nicely with her self-barrier passive. The skill makes her very tanky, but she can also deal a lot of damage.

In PVE she can be used anywhere when you need a bit more bulk in the frontline, but there are other Strikers that not only are tanky, but also bring more things to the table - like Chifuyu. Still, Alex shines in the Regenerated Bishop Danger Close boss because she can remove Stealth from Bishop's clone - the strategy for top runs. She also finds some use in stages where you need a bulky buff remover such as Shadow Palace 2 vs Shadow Esterosa, but there are other units that can do that too, so she isn't a must-have at all.

In PVP, while stealth detection + buff removal sounds good, she can't really do much aside from it. This makes her not very popular compared to other 3-cost strikers.

Is she worth pulling? Not really, unless she's on your waifu list.

New skin - Alex

One new skin will be added to the game:

New ship - Coffin-6

The best Mech ship in the game. I don't know what the devs were thinking when they made this ship, because damn, everything about this ship is what makes many Mechs so unfair. The passive and both skills give extreme DPS and bulk increases to Mechs, more than any other ship does to any unit type.

Note that you need to level Coffin to 100 before being able to craft it.