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2.5 Anniversary Reveal Stream - recap

Published Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Today's stream revealed details about the upcoming 2.5 Anniversary and also gave us a roadmap for the rest of the year!

Next awakened employee - Sigma

Awakened Sigma will be released in August and her class is Striker. Apparently, she is going to be important in the future episodes.

Next rearm employees


Titan Rearm will be released in August.


She will be a Defender that focuses on tanking, rather than supporting allies. She will be released in September.

Kim Chulsoo

No images yet, but he will receive rearm in November.

Standing here, I realize...


No images yet, but she will receive rearm in November.

New employees


Rem... ekhm, Leviatan is the next Battle Pass unit that will be an enemy of Orca (story-wise at least).


She's a Counter Supporter and will be released in September.


She's a Soldier/Mech hybrid and a Ranger - she will be released in September.


No details are known about Chris yet, but she will be released in October.


No details are known about Agnes yet, but she will be released in October.

In the files, Agnes is a Soldier Sniper, but this can change.

New Operator


To be released in November.

New Skins

Three new summer skins will be released in August:


They also posted official wallpapers for the three summer skins. You can get them here and here.

Two more Hanbok Skins are coming in September:

Replacer Queen

This could be either SSR Jaina or Replacer Queen, but we're pretty sure it will be Queen as Jaina isn't really a popular unit and Queen's model is pretty outdated already.

A male awakened unit will also receive a Hanbok skin - either Shiyoon or Jake with how they worded it, but it could be Replacer King too. That's another reason why we think the skin above is for Queen - so two awaken skins will be released at the same time.


There will be a new collab in September that will appear at the same time on both KR and JPN servers. They didn't reveal with what brand they plan to collab.

But it's highly possible that it will be either Blue Archive or Konosuba - both games are popular in KR and JPN and are published by Nexon.

The Guilty Gear collab has super low chances of ever returning due to various issues.

2.5 Anniversary in KR

A lot of rewards coming for the 2.5 anniversary:

  • 250 free pulls,

  • free awaken selector ticket - no details who will be available on it yet,

  • free SSR selector,

  • free Operator selector,

  • free Ship selector,

  • other smaller events and rewards.

Balance changes

  • the safe area near the ship and Tower-type characters - details about that will come later, but it seems they want to push Tower further up the battlefield,

  • Status RES and Type advantage will be changed to make it more streamlined and not so complicated - quite possible those things will be buffed too,

  • They know everyone hates Nestkeeper Xiao Lin and they plan to do something about her,

    • the director says he hates her too because everyone keeps telling him that he favors her and that's why she's not getting nerfed.

  • Character balance changes for August will be revealed in a few days in a separate post.

Updates and other things

  • Streamlined early game for newbies. Reworked the missions and rewards, so they're up to date with the rest of the game.

    • Those who cleared the missions already will be able to do them again and get the new rewards.

  • Salary negotiation will be revamped to not take that much time,

  • Squad and character power level formulas will be revamped as the current ones are quite old and don't work that well anymore,

  • A new Ship Upgrade system will be introduced in September:

    • 3 dupes are required to max a ship,

    • new passive skills for ships: for example more damage dealt to Counters,

    • can upgrade low rarity mats to higher ones,

    • a new place to farm ship mats,

  • New endgame PVE content - Dimension Trimming:

    • will introduce a new type of setting - Jungle, Volcano,

    • new sets will drop there and won't drop old sets - they won't have ANTI-X fillers,

    • high chance the sets will be built around debuffs and making them stronger or gaining resistance to them,

    • weekly dungeon,

    • the deeper you go, the harder it will get, but also gives better rewards,

    • basically looks like a new version of Shadow Palace that's way way harder and targeted toward veteran players.

  • The current 'endgame' modes will be made easier - to be honest they said they don't even consider them as proper endgame stuff,

  • Confidential Cases might be removed from the game, but they will keep adding new ones for now,

  • ESPR event part 2 will be released in November and they hinted at Regina getting an awaken then.

If you want to check the stream yourself, here's the link: Counter Side YouTube.

You can also watch a live translation made by inFAMOUSJakey here: YouTube link.