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19/04 SEA Patch Notes - Esterosa Rearm is here!

Published Tuesday, 19 April 2022

This week in SEA we're getting the long-awaited Esterosa Rearm, and also Replacer King and Ministra banners!

19/04 Patch Notes

  1. [Rearmament] Esterosa de Chevalier Rearmament Unlocked!

  2. [Operation] Vice President's Holidays Event Episode 2.0, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  3. [Operation] New Challenges: Chloe's Info Search & Anastasia's Supply Maintenance - Tuning Binaries!

  4. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment—Replacer King & Ministra Probability UP!

  5. [Recruit] Normal Recruitment—Yen Xing, Naielle Bluesteel & Xiao Lin Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] Operator Recruitment—Sigma & Anastasia Probability UP!

  7. [Shop] Wedding March Skins Release! (Sigma, Xiao Lin, Miya, Cathy, Rosaria, Veronica)

  8. [Shop] Added Assorted Enhancement Module Packag

  9. [Shop] Added Set/Tuning Binary Special Package, Fusion Core Special Package & Classified Recruitment 5+1 Special Package

  10. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

Near Astrea Esterosa

Near Astrea Esterosa is the best rearm alongside Xiao Lin ones which basically makes her a much better Veronica thanks to the Immortality she gains when used as a Leader.

Now in Dive 50, she's the Queen there because whenever you deploy her, she buffs all your party members, and her damage are even higher than Veronica's. Those who trashed her dupes to get Fusion Cores will surely regret it now. Overall she's a beast of a tank that despite lacking MDL can survive for a long time and even if her HP gets down to 0, she will still keep tanking for 8 seconds thanks to the Immortality. Now she's your best choice when you need to cheese some harder content.

As for PVP, she's a beast there too. There are videos floating around with Star Maiden Esterosa slapping full tank gear Twins with her special and killing them instantly. She instantly became a meta unit in the KR server, just one step behind the awakened employees. Still, as Immortality is a buff, she's weak to buff removers and Serina Operator, so at least you can counter her.

Overall, she's a great character to have Rearmed, so save your Esterosa dupes once you get her to 110.

Should you rearm her? YES.

Replacer King and Ministra Banners

This is the first time the Replacer King will be available on a banner since he was introduced in the Battle Pass. So if you missed him, now it's your chance to get him!