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18/08 Global Patch Notes - Awakened Na Yubin is here!

Published Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Four new characters will be released this week on the Global server - check the blog post for more details!

Maintenance schedule: 18th of August, 2022 16:00 ~ 17:30 (UTC+9)

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: 18th of August Patch Notes.

New employees

Four new employees will be added to the game with this patch. Here are their reviews!

Awakened Na Yubin


Awakened Na Yubin is an evasion-based tank that constantly pushes forward and tries to murder the backline, not giving his enemies any break, and if they try to use barriers as a form of protection, he will turn their power against them, unless the barrier happens to be noncancellable.

Overall he has the highest evasion among all Defenders and it takes quite a while to kill him, but only if he's geared and has healers behind him. He requires a perfect tank set (weapon and both accessories with Melee DMG Res and full Ground DMG Res) to shine - if you will use him with sub-par gear, even SSR defenders will do a better job.

For the majority of the time, he was considered a pure PVP employee because his kit revolves around pushing forward, refluxing enemy shields, and countering Towers. While he lost the King of PVP status, he still remains a viable pick to counter camping teams as those often use Towers. He isn't exactly the best against some other teams, though. Also, since he moves so far into the enemy's backline, most healers don't even reach him; only Evelyn does consistently.

As for PVE, recently, some of the Challenges and event stages make use of his unique kit, though he isn't required. Also, he is commonly used as a support unit in Dive 50 as a decent Defender. He's still worse than most SSR defenders in the early game PVE content, and is just a niche pick for a few stages in endgame.

  • PVE: B

  • PVP: SSS

Should you pull?

If you love PVP, you have no choice. Na Yubin remained relevant in the meta since the day of his release in any region despite multiple counters appearing he still is among the best employees in the game. Still, be aware that he is one of the most gear-hungry employees in the game and without perfect HuMaGorGor he will simply melt.

For PVE, even SSR tanks are better than him, so don't bother.

Naielle Bluesteel


Naielle is the Academy's greatest trash... which doesn't say much - because the only other trash from the Academy, Edith, is almost entirely useless. While she used to be a meta PVP pick for rush teams in all other servers, a large array of anti-Striker and anti-buff (her invulnerability counts as a buff) units and operators have shown up to ruin her day.

These units include the continued prevalence of Xiao Lin, Lyudmilla, Awakened Yuna, and Awakened Na Yubin that counter her and teams based around her. Furthermore, Albion teams have also largely moved off of her, instead using other units like Yuna and Ifrit as cores.

Despite her meme potential, she brings not much to the table in terms of general power levels especially compared to other strikers. As for PVE, being a 4 cost striker without any utility or absurd damage gimmick isn't a good thing at all.

  • PVE: D

  • PVP: A

Should you pull?

Unless you like her design and want her to sit in your lobby, don't bother.

Yen Xing Lanchester


Yen Xing is a skill-dependent Striker with many good points but is very weak in certain situations. Despite the long range of her skills and game-changing ultimate skill in PVP, she is exceptionally fragile for a frontline unit and requires care to use. It is best to pair her with Awakened Na Yubin because he synergizes well with her, helping her get her ultimate quicker than the enemies’. Ultimately, Yen Xing is a very situational unit that is highly-gear dependent on a good set of gears and high levels on her, but if you take the time to practice using her, can be very strong in certain decks. For PVE, there aren’t many teams that require her, so she isn’t really worth getting.

  • PVE: B

  • PVP: S

Should you pull?

While on her release, she will be one of the best SSR Strikers in PVP, as more units get released, she will be slowly powercrept. So PVP lovers can potentially skip her if they think they can wait.

For PVE mains, she's also a skip.

Edit: We decided to change her initial PVP rating from SS to S. Also the review above has been updated.

Edith Twins


Edith Twins is cute but useless. That's the best way to summarize her. She's a Tower, which already puts her at a huge disadvantage because employees in that role can't move and usually have a gimmick kit. And in her case, the gimmick is actually terrible. When you first deploy her, she sits there sleeping and being useless and only when her HP falls below a certain threshold she wakes up, transforms, and honestly still does nothing.

She only really has two uses: first, in Challenge Mode Act 3 where you can use her against the Rhino (where she isn't even needed, by the way), and in the lobby, especially if you bought her skin because you won't see it anywhere else.

Recently she received a buff that stops the HP degradation once she reaches 20% HP, but then anything can kill her, so it changed nothing and she's still useless.

  • PVE: D

  • PVP: C

Should you buy her BP?

While she is one of the worst Battle Pass characters in the game, the BP itself gives tons of rewards that even ignoring Edith makes it worth buying.

New story

Episode 6 will be released with the patch! Things are going to get spicy so make sure to pay attention to what's happening.

New skins

What If? series of skins will be released! This is actually pretty surprising as both JPN and SEA regions don't have them yet.

Other updates

  • Challenge Mode 5 will be released - I really wish we had Ministra already to make progressing through it not so painful as it will be without her,

  • Next Raid Season will feature Inhibitor - let's hope we're better prepared this time.

    • Also with the new raid boss comes a new type of gear - Polymer.

  • Guild Coop will be released next week - a guide for that mode will be added soon to the website!