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16/06 Global Patch Notes - Awakened Mina is here!

Published Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Well, this shouldn't be a surprise since we knew that she would come after the roadmap was released, but still - PVP lovers should be very happy because she will shake out the meta.

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: 16th June Patch Notes.

New Awakened Employee – Type: Fenrir Yoo Mina

Awakened Yoo Mina, also known as the human bomb. Sadly, her kit didn't age well and some time after her release, the bomb turned into a firecracker. However, recently she was buffed and it fixed her biggest issue - survivability - but also added some new things to her kit, like Skill Seal and Interrupt, which made her stronger in both PVE and PVP.

With ASPD or Spectral Set blaze, she can have permanent uptime on Perfect Evasion in PVE and you don't have to worry about her dying randomly, as she can keep herself alive pretty well with Perfect Evasion. Skill Seal also helps against normal monsters (bosses can't be Sealed) and you can use her on auto-battle pretty well.

In PVP, Perfect Evasion on deploy means that she can't be CC-ed and killed before she unleashes her combo, and to make things worse, she also gains PE after making her enhanced attack. This means that she's super tanky and deals scary damage at the same time - at least as long as PE buff isn't removed.

Still, she's countered by employees with high HIT, like Xiao Lin, or those who have Sure Fire effect on their skills, like Awakened Amy. Units with stuns, like Sylvia, can also easily stall Mina, since Perfect Evasion does not prevent stun, while units like Machine Collector and Operators like Serina can completely remove her Perfect Evasion buff. So while she's strong and hard to kill, there are multiple ways to counter her.

Should you pull on her?

  • If you're a F2P player, you should skip her and wait for Awakened Yuna, who will be added to the game in 3 weeks,

  • PVP lovers have to pull her or feel regret. When A.Mina was released in the Japan region, she dominated the Gauntlet before getting banned up to Ban Level 3 and then things settled down. Also, be ready to dust off your Snipers, as they are the only ones capable of stopping A. Mina and her Perfect Evasion.

A. Mina release will have a pretty big impact on the meta and ratings, but we're still in the progress of overhauling them for Global. So you will have to wait a few more days for the updated Global PVP tier list to arrive.

New Banners

Joo Shiyoung and Kang Soyoung will receive their banners, but Kang is farmable in Side Stories and Joo isn't meta. So save your tickets unless you want to get your waifu.

New Operator - Kim Hana

Kim Hana is a universal operator that can work in all PVE and PVP thanks to her easy-to-use skill trigger order. While she works fine at level 1 - giving the DP refund, going from 6% to 20% Skill haste at maxed level can give you a significant boost in Danger Close and PVP. She's also the best operator for many PVE stages, including endgame PVE stages such as Relics and Danger Close. This makes her a must-have for all players, and is the first operator a new player should get.

Remember, don't pull on her banner, but instead buy her from the Planet Shop. You should be close to 3k Currency after the 160 free pull event.

New Attendance Missions

The Panda ship and Irie's skin are a nice surprise because in SEA, we had to wait months for them. Obtaining them is super easy - just log in to the game during the event period.

There are a few more new things, like returning calendars and offers, but you can check their details in the patch notes.