SEA Region

16/03 SEA patch notes - Sports event!

Published Tuesday, 15 March 2022

This week's update brings us the Sports event together with 3 new employees! Also, new skins are here!

16/03 New Content in SEA

  1. [Operation] New Event Episode: Academy Field Day, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Event] Team Relay Starts!

  3. [Operation] New Challenges: Chloe's Info Search & Anastasia's Supply Maintenance Unlocked!

  4. [Employee] Special Hero Class: Sky Layfield, Kaci Bins, and Arti Lana Debut!

  5. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Sky Layfield & Arti Lana Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Kaci Bins Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Spira Added to Normal Recruitment Pool!

  8. [Recruit] Mansion Master Added to Operator Recruitment Pool!

  9. [Skin] Academy Field Day Skins Release! (Yang Harim, Alex, Sky Layfield, Altergressive Seo Yoon & Naielle Bluesteel)

  10. [Shop] Added T6 Sc. Gear Set Option Selection Package I & II.

  11. [Shop] Added Classified Recruitment 5+1 Special Package, Daily Training Package 1/2/3 & Weekly Resource Package

Sports Event

The Academy Sports event consist of event stages, missions, and shop! Most of you should have already cleared the Militia shop so now you will have a new place to farm and grab some great rewards.

New Employee - Sky Layfield

Sky is a mix between Yang Harim and Lily - she can buff the whole team and attack the backline, blinding the snipers/rangers that lurk in the back. When she was released she was meh, but they massively buffed her and now she shines in Raids and Danger Close where she is considered the best offensive buffer.

Sadly buffers aren't really that useful in PVP and unless she is up, nobody uses her.

Should you get her? Yes for PVE. She's the best offensive buffer in the game.

New Employee - Kaci Bins

Kaci is a cheap defender that can remove buffs from enemies, grant shields to her allies and heal herself. This combined with her low cost makes her a well-balanced unit, but she's not as tanky as other defenders and is more of an offtank, rather than the main tank.

She's great in Shadow Palace and commonly used in other gamemodes, but both Lee Yumi and Serapel just bring more to the table than her. She was recently buffed, but sadly this didn't change her that much and she still trails behind other stronger defenders.

Should you get her? Not really because she isn't essential anywhere.

Also, it's worth noting that she was a BP unit in the KR region, but for us in SEA she's available on a normal banner.

New Employee - Arti Lana

Arti Lana is a two-cost unit that has the skillset of a four-cost one. Honestly, this seems like a mistake, because not only she can buff her allies, but also debuff enemies and silence them.

She's used in Shadow Palace in stages with a lot of Counters to buff her allies. But in other gamemodes she's not really that much useful.

Her anti-counter passive makes her pretty good in PVP, but her golden times are over and she's fallen quite a lot in the meta.

New Skins - Sports

Five new skins will be added to the game tomorrow and you can see most of them on the blog post banner. The only one missing is Alex's skin: