SEA Region

15/12 Patch - Last Scavenger member is here!

Published Tuesday, 14 December 2021

After last week's break, today's patch is packed! ESPR event rerun is here, so if you missed it last time, now's your chance to grab Rivet. Also, Children's Day skins, Machine Collector, and more!

08/12 New Content in SEA

  1. [Operation] Event Episode—Old Fear Unlocked!

  2. [Operation] New Challenge—Chloe's Info Search Starts!

  3. [System Optimization] Fusion Cores can be obtained from operator dismissal!

  4. [System Optimization] Deleted team collection rewards and added employee level-up progress rewards.

  5. [System Optimization] Added voice actors to the info page of employees and operators.

  6. [Operation] Optimized stories of Main Stream EP.1-1 and added Korean dubbing.

  7. [Attendance] Company Reinforcement Punch In Starts!

  8. [Skin] Children’s Day Skins Released! (Eddie Fisher, Lee Yumi, Sylvia Lena Cooper, Jane Doe)

  9. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Machine Collector Probability UP!

  10. [Recruit] Classified Recruitment--Altergressive Seo Yoon & Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon Probability UP!

  11. [Recruit] Operator Recruitment—Sigma & Kim Hana Probability UP!

  12. [Recruit] Edel Meitner & Regina MacCready Recruitment Probability UP!

  13. [Shop] Added Set/Tuning Binary Special Package, Eternium Special Package and Lifetime Contract Special Package

  14. [Shop] Added Special Recruitment Package Vol. 1, 2 &3 and Classified Recruitment 5+1 Special Package

  15. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

Old Fear event rerun

By many, the story in the event is considered one of the best ones till now, so if you missed it last time, make sure to play through it! Also, this is your only chance to get Rivet as she's not available to summon and you can only get her from the ESPR event shop.

Machine Collector banner

Machine Collector is an anti-mech supporter employee that's one of the best counters to the current PVP meta in the KR region. Deployed right, she makes the enemy frontline melt with her mix of debuffs applied to them.

While her kit allows her to manipulate DMG RES and ANTI-XX DMG, the problem with those stats is that they can't go into negative, meaning if an enemy doesn't have any DMG Res, Machine Collector will do nothing with her DMG Res Penetration. This makes that stat way worse than DEF shred because every PVE enemy has DEF stat.

Is she worth pulling? Only if you care about PVP. While she can be used in Dive 50, I think it's better to wait for Rita if you're more of a PVE player.

Check her ratings and full review here: Machine Collector profile.

Regina and Edel banners

Edel banner's rerun is most welcomed because she's a staple in Shadow Palace and top tier in most other PVE content - if you don't have her, now's your chance to get her!

As for Regina, she was locked behind Battle Pass in SEA, but while she's great in Shadow Palace 4, in the KR region she's powercreeped by Rita. And we will continue to follow the lore-release order, Rita's event should come early next year (in late Jan/ early Feb). So unless you love her design, my suggestion is to skip her.

Deleted team collection rewards and added employee level-up progress rewards.

What a mouthful. Overall this is a change that happened a few weeks ago in KR. The old team-up system will be removed and now you will get Quartz for leveling each employee to 70, 90, 100, and 110 levels. Here are the numbers:

  • SSR unit gives 100 Quartz,

  • SR unit gives 60 Quartz,

  • N and R units give 20 Quartz.

Children's Day skins

Well, guess we're having Children's Day in December. Better late than never. Here are the skins that are part of the set, and their prices:

Lee Yumi - Cookie Store Regular - 2080 AC

Sylvia Lena Cooper - Cyber Cat - 2080 AC

Jane Doe - Suspicious Science Girl - 1600 AC

Eddie Fisher - Nameless Fairy Tale - 2080 AC

If you want to check the full art, go to the employee profile -> skins tab.