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15/02 SEA Patch notes - Na Yubin finally is here!

Published Tuesday, 15 February 2022

After a long long time, Na Yubin in his normal format finally will be available in our version of the game. Also, Valentines event and Mansion Master Operator are here too!

15/02 New Content in SEA

  1. [Event] Event Episode - Sweet Promotion, Relevant Missions and Event Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Event] Sweet Promotion Project Mission Released!

  3. [Challenge] Chloe’s Credit Search Starts!

  4. [Attendance] Sweet Promotion Punch In (2022-02-16~2022-03-08 04:00)

  5. [Recruit] New Operator Recruitment—Mansion Master Probability UP!

  6. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Na Yubin Probability UP!

  7. Skin] Sweet Promotion Skin Coming Back! (Gaeun, Hilde, Elizabeth, Miya, Yang Harim, Han Sorim, Yoo Mina)

  8. [Shop] Added Eternium Special Package & Lifetime Contract Special Package

  9. [Shop] Added Everyday Coin Charge Package

Sweet Promotion event

We already had this event last year - it's basically Counter Side version of Valentines event with chocolates that you can exchange for various rewards.

Mansion Master Operator

Mansion Master replaced LSY as the best operator for rush PVP teams. The hitstun immunity she provides combined with the huge Ranged DMG res are perfect for them. Also, the immunity is pretty useful in Danger Close against Tyrant Sword boss.

Still, she's really dupy hungry, because maxing her doubles the skill duration.

Should you pull? Don't - just grab her from the store if you like to PVP.

Na Yubin employee

Young Na Yubin deals damage that's comparable to Kim Sobin and she's often considered one of the best damage dealers in the game - at least against bosses. Na Yubin is not only 1 cost cheaper than her, but he also massively buffs ally Strikers. This makes him a great employee for Danger Close where full Striker teams are the best choice against some bosses.

Should you pull? Only if you really love Danger Close and you think he will fit in your teams there.

Sweet Promotion skins

The Valentines' skins are back, so now's you're chance to grab them if you missed them last time!

Note from Antillar: I would also like to apologize for the lack of updates in the last few weeks. I've got COVID and I'm still recovering, so doing any work on the website wasn't really possible, but everything should be returning to normal soon enough!