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12/07 SEA Patch Notes - Episode 8 and Awakened Jake!

Published Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Episode 8 of the story is going to be released tomorrow in the SEA region and with it, comes Awakened Jake and Carlota!

12/07 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] Main Stream EP.8 Unlocked! It’s time to challenge Hollow Gods—Kamimael!

  2. [Side Story] End of the Maze is back! Complete the hard mode to get Tarrasque’s and Estaque’s Unit Data!

  3. [Challenge] New Challenge: Old Administration Training Method Unlocked!

  4. Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Carlota!

  5. [Recruit] New Classified Recruitment—Colonel Jake Walker Probability UP! Contract Mission Unlocked!

  6. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Jaina Kropel Probability UP!

  7. Recruit] Awakened Lee Sooyeon & Awakened Seo Yoon Probability UP!

  8. [Recruit] Sigma, Maria Antonov, Kyle Wong & Dominic King Reginald Probability UP!

  9. [Recruit] Operator Sigma & Moneka Probability UP!

  10. [Recruit] Hayami Kanade Added to Recruit-on-Demand Banner!

  11. Shop] Recital Skins for Sale! (Awakened Seo Yoon, Awakened Lee Sooyeon, Eujin & Sigma)

  12. [Shop] Music Recital Interior Set for Sale! (Use the recital skins to interact with the interior set and hold a concert on your own!)

  13. [Shop] Music Recital Interior Set for Sale! (Use the recital skins to interact with the interior set and hold a concert on your own!)

  14. [Shop] Added Colonel Jake Walker Update Celebration Classified Recruitment Package Vol. 1, 2 &3.

  15. [Shop] Added Talent Development Package, Special Tuning Binary Package & Special Set Binary Package.

  16. [Shop] Added Maze Gear to Gauntlet and Danger Close Seasonal Shop.

  17. Danger Close] New Season Starts!

  18. [Buff] Credits Required for Salary Negotiation -20% (July 13 – July 17)

Episode 8

The next episode is here and with it, comes the next part of the exciting story! Jake will finally reveal his true power as the demon lords continue their nefarious plan.

New Awakened Employee - Colonel Jake Walker

When Awakened Jake was first released, his performance was pretty terrible - not only he died pretty easily, his signature move (the storm surrounding him) had low range and low impact. So nobody was surprised when he was buffed one week later.

His stats and skills were changed to make him the prime enemy of Mechs and now he's great at making their life miserable. Not only he can tank them really really well, but also he can deal quite a lot of damage and CC them to death.

His anti-mech kit, makes him shine in stages and modes, where there's a lot of Mechs, like Dive 50, Relic Dungeons, Challenge Mode, and Shadow Palace 5. Still, when he's facing enemies that aren't Mechs, his performance drops - he's by no means weak, just that there are better options.

As for PVP, after the recent second round of buffs (yeah, second) he can now hit Air units with his skills and aura, and he can keep the storm field up constantly and also perma stun mechs. This allows him to be the best counter to both Evolved One and Awakened Horizon.

Is he worth pulling? Yes!

New employee - Jaina Kropel

Well, Jaina Kropel kinda sucks.

She's the first employee who uses the new Fury resource. What does it mean? While other employees have a cooldown on their skills, Fury users use their basic attacks to add 'points' to their skills and when the required number is reached, they use their skills. This means they don't need Skill Haste at all and instead, they scale off Attack Speed.

And the reason why Jaina is really really underwhelming is that her Basic Attack animation is one of the slowest in the game, and even if you stack tons of ASPD on her, she attacks way too slow to do any damage. On top of that, she's super squishy - her stats are abysmal and they gave her two 'cheat death' mechanics, but even then it's easy to proc them and kill her.

Is she worth pulling? Currently no.

Be aware that she was buffed this week in the KR region and also Fury has been reworked to increase the skills charge speed. Still, it's too fast to update her review and ratings and it will take us a week or so to do that.

New Battle Pass - Carlota

Yes, our precious Charlotte turned into Carlota. Don't ask why.

While Carlota stats are pretty good, don't think about her as a main tank material. Her real power lies in the buffs and heals she grants her allies and the ability to knockback enemies.

In PVP, she's pretty great in rush comps, mainly because of the SPEED buff on her special, which allows her and the allies to reach the enemy ship faster. Also, her flag can't be destroyed once she places is down and it constantly buffs the allies nearby.

In PVE, she has her uses, mainly in Danger Close during some weeks, but PVP is where she shines. Mainly because all her buffs are purely defensive, so she can't really compete with Sky and other offensive buffers in the game.

Is the Battle Pass worth buying? Yes.

New Skins - Recital

Well, this is a surprise. The second-anniversary skins are here!

You can check their prices and full design on the Skins page.

If you like the skins and also need a new wallpaper, check here and here.