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12/04 SEA Patch notes - Romantic Summer!

Published Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Today's patch is pretty big with Summer Event and new skins, Serina Crew Operator, Lone Lee BP, Dracasia and more things to be added to the game this week!

12/04 Patch notes

  1. 1.[Operation] New Event Episode: Vice President's Holidays, Event Missions and Shop Unlocked! (Complete missions to get Mone’s vacation skin - Fishing Girl!)

  2. [Attendance] The Vice President's Vacation Special Gift! (2022-04-13~2022-05-03 04:00)

  3. [Event] Water Festival Mission Starts!

  4. [Operation] New Challenges: The ALT Squad Is Here & Anastasia's Supply Maintenance!

  5. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Lone Lee!

  6. [Event] New Circuit Link Unlocked! Connect all the circuits and get Lone Lee’s vacation skin - What the Villainess Truly Wants!

  7. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment—Dracasia Probability UP!

  8. [Recruit] New Operator Recruitment—Serina Crew Probability UP!

  9. [Recruit] Choi Jihoon & Lara Jaeger Added to Normal Recruitment Pool!

  10. [Shop] Vacation Skins Release! (Lily, Sigma, Lin Xien, Lycoris)

  11. [Shop] Added Interior Set Package—Beach Stall Interior Set

  12. [Shop] Added Small/Medium/Large x1.5 Admin Coin Package

  13. [Shop] Added Salary Negotiation Growth Package & Eternium Special Package

  14. [Voice Language] New Japanese Voice for Eujin’s School Uniform Skin, Lin Xien’s School Uniform Skin, Altergressive: Seo Yoon, Lyudmila, Alex, Yen Xing Lanchester, Ifrit, Harab,

Summer Event

The continuation of the Summer event is here! The story that started last year continues with new employees appearing there. Also, with the event comes a new shop, new skins, and a bingo event that rewards Lone Lee skin!

Lone Lee Battle Pass

Lone Lee is a debuffer that's great in Danger Close and Guild Coop - the 40% DEF reduction on her special seems to be the strongest debuff in the game, but it's on cooldown so it needs to be timed right.

She's not that good in PVP sadly - while her debuffs are pretty strong, they're more suited toward PVE and a pure debuffer character isn't that good in PVP.

Should you buy the BP? If you're a DC goblin, then you will want to have her in your team.

Dracasia employee banner

Dracasia is a unique Striker that focuses on the nearest target and keeps attacking it until it dies. Her quite high HP (over 50k ungeared) combined with regaining HP back on attack allows her to stick to her target and make sure that it dies before she does. Whenever the target moves away (like ASY or Ministra jumping back), she will use her special to jump toward them instantly and continue her onslaught of attacks. Which comes in handy in PVP modes.

Still, the tracking mechanic is quite useless in PVE, where in most cases, people just auto-play, so she will focus on the nearest target which in most cases will be a tank.

Considering that she often fights in Silenced state, the ASPD gear with defensive stats seems like the best choice.

Should you pull her? To be honest, she's pretty average, but she might get buffed in the future, so it's up to you.

Serina Crew operator banner

Serina is the operator that created a huge uproar in the KR community, because her skill basically counters the current top pick (Olivia) and all the other buff-oriented operators. And that's not everything! Some employees, like Replacer King rely on their buff upkeep to work and Serina basically makes them non-existent for the duration of her skill.

Still, similar to other top-tier operators, she's really dupe-hungry - her skill duration goes from 6 seconds to 14 when maxed. Also, she's not really used in PVE content.

Should you get her? If you love to PVP, you have no choice. She's the new best thing.