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10/08 SEA Patch Notes - Nicole joins the battle!

Published Tuesday, 09 August 2022

This week's update is pretty small with only a banner for a new employee - Nicole.

10/08 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Recruit] New Normal Recruitment--Nicole Probability UP!

  2. [Recruit] Cold Case Horizon & Fenrir Yoo Mina Probability UP!

  3. [Shop] Added Sc. Gear Set Option Selection Package I/II.

  4. [Shop] Added Daily Special Training Package 1/2/3.

  5. [Danger Close] New Season Starts!

New employee - Nicole

Nicole has pretty great self buffs but is a niche unit that's like a love child of Han Sorim and Rivet. She counters non-awakened defenders by permanently slowing, sealing, and knocking them back and also dealing increased damage against them. Against a lot of frontlines, she will always use her enhanced attack and knock them through immunities.

Her special can deal fixed damage to C.O./Replacers which could be useful against PVE enemies with large HP.

As for PVP, she doesn't quite deal enough damage to be viable - there are better 3 cost damage dealers as non-awakened defenders are not dominant enough to warrant her use. Still, if the meta changes, she should find her place there with ease.

Should you pull on her? At the moment it's hard to justify it.

Gremory Bar mini-game

The Gremory Bar mini-game that gives tons of stuff and is considered a pretty great event was released in both KR and TW two weeks after Gremory. I'm mentioning this because I see a lot of talks about SEA being shafted - for now, please hide your pitchforks, and let's wait for next week to see if the event comes then.