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10/05 SEA Patch notes - Anniversary events!

Published Tuesday, 10 May 2022

The anniversary is here! It's been a year since the SEA version has been released and we celebrate it with tons of free stuff!

10/05 SEA Patch Notes

  1. [Operation] New Event Episode: For the Uncrying, Missions and Shop Unlocked!

  2. [Challenge] New Challenge--Old Administration Training Method Unlocked!

  3. [Counter Pass] New Counter Pass Mission and Reward: Horizon!

  4. [Attendance] 1st Anniversary Punch In! Punch in every day and get Fenrir Squad Awakened Recruitment Coupon (Awakened Yoo Mina/Awakened Hilde)! (2022-05-11~2022-06-10 04:00)

  5. [Recruit] 1-year Talent Special Recruitment Unlocked! 10 Recruits a day, up to 160 Free Recruits during the event!

  6. [Recruit] New Operator Recruitment—Rachel Dodds & Chloe Starseeker Probability UP!

  7. [Recruit] Lucrecia & Lone Lee Added to Normal Recruitment Pool!

  8. [Shop] 1-year Inauguration Anniversary Skins for Sale! (Orca, Shin Jia, Awakened Hilde, Awakened Yoo Mina, Lyudmila, John Mason)

  9. [Shop] Added Interior Set Package—Horizon Finance

  10. [Shop] Added 1st Anniversary Special Packages: SSR Starter Package, Awakened/SSR Employee Selection Package, Limited Limit Fusion Package, Limited APT Core Package, Limited Training Package

  11. [Shop] Added Special Set Binary Package & Special Tuning Binary Package.

  12. [Shop] Added Monthly Fusion Core Package

Anniversary event

The anniversary event is here! There are tons of goodies that we will get for free, so make sure to log in daily to not miss out on anything. Here are the login rewards:

160 free pulls event!

The free pulls event is back! And oh boy, it's 160 free pulls this time. Here are the employee that will be available on the banner:

Free awakened employee ticket

Everyone will receive a ticket that will let you choose either Awakened Hilde or Awakened Yoo Mina! If you're missing either of the awakened employees, now you can get one of them for free.

For high spenders, there's also a second ticket available in the shop that costs around 100$ and gives the choice between A. Hilde, A. Yoo Mina, and A. Lee Sooyeon.

New skins - anniversary

Orca, Shin Jia, Lyudmila, Awakened Hilde, Awakened Yoo Mina, and John Mason are getting special anniversary skins! Here's an image with all of them:

New Battle Pass - Horizon

Horizon is a mecha character that has a berserk state, similar to Alex. Her knockback allows her to easily control the battlefield and keep the enemies away from her - which is good because her stats aren't that great compared to other tanks. At least in her non-berserk form.

Her knockbacks work a bit different from other employees too. The distance the enemies are pushed away from her is far bigger than similar skills used by other employees. This combined with her special skill, allows her to push the whole enemy team to their ship in mere seconds.

It's worth noticing that she's not as tanky as other defenders, even with the 5% MDL she gains in her berserk state. Also if the enemy has barrier or buff removers and her barrier gets eaten, she's a sitting duck and dies easily. Still, in most cases, it won't matter because usually she already did her job by pushing enemies back which should earn you an easy victory in PVP.

Horizon is also quite good in PVE where she gives Overflow a run for his money, especially in full mecha teams that recently became popular in Shadow Palace 5.

Is she worth getting? Yes.

New Operator - Rachel Dodds

Rachel is a pretty niche operator that works only with certain comps, but even then the buff she provides isn't that good. This makes her not a popular pick.

Is she worth pulling? Not really.