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08/09 Global Patch Notes - Awakened Seo Yoon is here!

Published Wednesday, 07 September 2022

Awakened Seo Yoon will arrive at the Global server tomorrow! Should you pull or skip her? Read our review inside.

09/09 Global Patch Notes

Maintenance schedule: 8th of September, 2022 16:00 ~ 17:00 (UTC+9).

For the full patch notes, go to the official site: Patch Notes and Shop Updates.

New awaken employee - Awakened Seo Yoon


Awakened Seo Yoon is a top-tier damage dealer that dominates the battlefield by sheer presence. Her gimmick is that she can summon rifles that are Snipers while she is a Ranger, so you get two different damage dealers in one. Furthermore, she's quite hard to kill thanks to her rifles - they take any damage instead of her - and jumping backward away from the action when her HP falls below a certain threshold.

In the early game, deploying ASY behind a tank is enough to safely clear most stages in story mode as she will kill everything that tries to harm her. Together with Awakened Yuna, she forms a duo that can easily clear the whole Shadow Palace (except for stages where awakened units are banned). While for the longest of time, she was a staple in any Raid team, it's getting harder and harder to justify using her over other employees - it takes a lot of time for ASY to ramp up her damage output, and other damage dealers are cheaper and do a similar amount of damage.

As for the late game, while she is often used as a support employee in Dive 50, there's no place for her in Relic Dungeons. While you can use her there in one of the three endgame Dungeons, if she's your only awakened unit, she's useless in the other two.

In PVP, while her damage is also scary, she's feared because of Healing Reflux. She places a debuff on any enemy hit by her special and whenever they are healed they get damaged instead. Still, nowadays she's not as good as she was because there are a lot of characters that counter her - for example, the current meta character, Replacer King can instantly wipe her Rifles, leaving her defenseless.


  • PVE: S

  • PVP (SEA): S

  • PVP (Global): SSS


Awakened Seo Yoon has two skins available to her:

While the Sports event should arrive at Global a few weeks after her, the Recital one was released with the 2nd Anniversary. Still, the last dev note revealed that they plan to release the anniversary skins earlier.

Should you pull?

ASY - that's how people commonly refer to her - is a PVE monster that can be used in any PVE game mode and while she will top your DPS meter, sadly that's all she does really. On Global, nobody will be able to reach her when it comes to dealing damage and she will be a staple in most PVE modes, especially in Raid and Guild Coop.

Still, this won't last forever.

In SEA and KR regions, there are more characters available that can deal similar (or higher) amounts of damage while having a lower cost - Kestrel Xiao Lin or Curian come to mind for example. So as the review mentioned, it's getting harder and harder to justify sacrificing 6 deployment resources for ASY.

Also, Ministra and Replacer Queen are two PVE juggernauts that will be released in Global soon and in our opinion, they are more important to have than ASY.

As for PVP in Global, ASY will be basically impossible to efficiently counter besides using Ingrid and other strikers to rush her down. This makes her a fearsome DPS with sustainability thanks to her backsteps, likely warping the meta for a time. Still, as different and stronger strikers come out like Spira and Veronica, ASY will begin to fall off - as well as other stronger awakens being released like Ministra/Amy.


Both banners released this week - Rosaria and Yen Xing are reruns.